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Response Guide


  • Evacuate the area of the explosive threat.  When you reach a safe area, call UD Police and provide any information you have about the explosion.
  • Gather at a predetermined area away from the building to be accounted for and consider the possibility of additional explosions.  Remain at the assembly area until police or fire officials advise it is safe to return.
  • Stay away from windows, mirrors, overhead fixtures, electrical equipment and large, heavy, unstable objects.
  • Comply with directions from fire and police officials.
  • Do not move seriously injured persons unless they are in obvious immediate danger.
  • Open doors carefully and watch for falling objects.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • Do not use open flames such as lighters.
  • Position yourself upwind from smoke and fumes if possible.

For more information, please see: Explosions Information>>


Department of Public Safety

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Public Safety