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Response Guide

Evacuations Response Guide

  • Know the sound of your building's fire alarm and plan at least two evacuation routes in advance in case one is blocked.
  • Take nothing with you except absolute essentials.
  • Close windows and doors behind you if you have time.
  • Do not hesitate.  Waiting for confirmation may prevent a safe exit.
  • Assist disabled persons if you are able to without endangering yourself.  If you are not able to assist them, take note of their location, their condition, and report that information to rescuers immediately once outside.
  • Once outside, gather at a predetermined location away from the building and be accounted for.
  • Remain outside at the assembly area until police or fire officials tell you it is safe to return to the building.
  • If evacuating an area threatened by gases, chemicals or other dangerous substances, move upwind from the threat to minimize your exposure.

For more information, please see: Evacuations Information>>


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