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Terrorist Acts

Terrorist Acts Emergency Information

Terrorist acts can be carried out in many forms of attack with the most commonly feared being biological, chemical, and nuclear.  These three forms of terror cause devastation in catastrophic proportion to life and property.

We will depend on professional first responders from police, fire, health and emergency medical agencies to treat and decontaminate victims who are exposed to these types of incidents.  The best defense to all of these threats is to be observant and immediately report suspicious behaviors that might be addressed to prevent incidents such as these from occurring.  The following activities are the Seven Signs of Terrorism:

  • Surveillance:  Someone recording or monitoring activities.  This could be video, photography, note taking, maps, etc.
  • Elicitation:  Persons or organizations attempting to gain information about military capabilities or people.
  • Tests of Security:  Any attempts to measure reaction times to security breaches or penetrate physical security barriers.
  • Acquiring Supplies:  Purchasing or stealing explosives, weapons, ammunition, military uniforms, badges, etc.
  • Suspicious Persons:  People who don't seem to belong in the workplace, business, classroom, etc.
  • Dry Run/Trial Run:  Putting people into position and moving them around according to a plan without actually committing the terrorist act.  Mapping routes, timing traffic flow, etc.
  • Deploying Assets:  People and supplies getting into position to commit the act.

For more information, please see: Terrorist Acts Response Guide>>


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