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Power Outage

Power Outage Emergency Information

If a power outage occurs in your building, attempt to remain calm and call UD Police at 229-2121 or 911 (UD phone) to report the outage.  Before an emergency occurs, know the building's evacuation routes and remember that elevators will not function during a power outage.  If you are in an unlighted area, proceed with caution toward the nearest emergency exit lights.  Some of the following measures will help you prepare for and recover from a power outage:

  • Keep a flashlight with fresh batteries on hand.  Do not use candles as a light source.
  • Keep your phone charged so if a power outage occurs, you have access to your phone's flashlight, call, and text functions.
  • Turn off or unplug all electrical equipment and appliances that were in use before the power outage.
  • Leave one light turned on so you know when the power is back on.
  • Leave the refrigerator/freezer doors closed as much as possible to conserve the cold.
  • Use the phone for emergencies only.  Listening to the radio can provide you updates on the outage.
  • Remember automated banking systems, elevators, and other electric conveniences will not work.
  • If it is hot out, attempt to keep cool by closing blinds or moving to the lowest floor of your building.
  • If it is cold, put on layers of clothing to keep warm. Never use any kind of fuel such as charcoal or sterno as a heat source indoors.
  • If the power will be out for a long period of time, make alternative housing arrangements through a friend or family member.
  • Keep your computer files backed up to reduce data loss when an outage does occur.

For more information, please see: Power Outage Response Guide>>

UD Police can be contacted by dialing (937) 229-2121 or 911 (UD phone)


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