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Flooding Information

Flooding Emergency Information

Flooding is either a natural event resulting from weather or a mechanical failure such as water supply pipes breaking or water storage containment rupturing.  Flooding can also result from a malicious act.  The results are the same.  There is potential for serious property damage, drowning, electrical shock, exposure to contaminates, looting, etc.

Natural flooding is not likely to occur in the core campus area of the university, but would most likely affect the housing in the student neighborhoods.  The potential for mechanical flooding at UD is far more likely.

You should protect valuable property by storing it appropriately, off the floor, above the basement level, and wrapped in plastic or other water resistant material.

Place expensive items away from windows and pipe locations known to you.  Do not leave windows open in cold weather and report broken windows so they may be repaired.  Ensure your heating system is in proper working order and immediately report any mechanical failure.

Report suspicious activity around water sources that may be subject to vandalism.

For more information, please see: Flooding Response Guide>>


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