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Explosions Information

Explosions Emergency Information

Explosions are usually sudden and occur without warning.  They are very violent, destructive, and can occur at any time and any place.  Accidental explosions can result from gas leaks, fuel spills, high pressure containers rupturing or some volatile substance or equipment that has become unstable.  Man made explosions for the purpose of assault or terrorism can occur anywhere, at any time, and from many different forms of explosive devices.

There is little to plan for in most explosions, but knowing how to respond and what to do can save your life as well as the lives of others.

You should remember that the damage from an explosion can be devastating and can cause additional explosions, so your response should take into account that possibility.  Terrorist attacks involving explosive devices may include a secondary device (delayed second explosion) designed to injure or kill first responders to the initial explosion.

Immediately evacuate the area of a potential threat or an explosion that has already occurred.  Remain clear of that area until police or fire officials advise it is safe to return.

For more information, please see: Explosions Response Guide>>


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