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Emergency Types

Bomb Threats Emergency Information

Bomb threats are often nothing more than pranks or threats intended to create a sense of fear, but each threat must be taken seriously with all safety precautions followed until the threat area is determined to be safe.  Most bomb threats are made over the telephone, but can also be made in writing or through email messages.

Threats by telephone:

Attempt to keep the caller on the phone as long as they cooperate in providing information.  Callers making a threat will sometimes make a brief statement and hang up; however, others may be willing to share information in great detail.  Document as much information as possible while asking questions using the "Explosive Device Questionnaire" which is located in the Bomb Threats Response Guide.  Note any observations that might assist in identifying the caller.

If the caller refuses to answer questions, attempt to document the exact wording of the threat as well as any characteristics of the caller's voice and background noise.

Document the Caller ID number if available.

Immediately call UD Police at (937) 229-2121 or 911 (UD phone).  Advise your supervisor and evacuate if you are in the area of the threat.

Threats by written documents or email messages:

Threats in writing or email should be reported to police immediately.

Attempt to preserve evidence by not handling written documents.

Do not delete, alter, or forward email messages.

For more information, please see: Bomb Threats Response Guide>>


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