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Learning Journeys


The Experiential Learning Lab prompts students to reflect on their learning journeys at the University of Dayton. Thoughtful writing, explanatory videos, and conversational podcasts have been used as introspective tools in the past. As the lab as evolved, a more visual and creative form of reflection has been implemented. This medium is known as the "roadmap." Roadmaps help students understand the knowledge they have accumulated since starting college in a concrete way. It is one thing to be able to think and talk about impactful events in their lives, but it becomes more tangible when they can point to an event and why it matters on a sheet of paper. The roadmaps below are accompanied by narratives that explain each individual's story from a first-person perspective. 

Brianna Moen '21
Sophomore Mechanical Engineering major Brianna Moen discusses some of the hardships she has gone through to get to where she is today.
View Roadmap & Narrative
Brenna Reilly '21
Sophomore Brenna Reilly discusses how she experienced a concussion, learned from it and moved forward. 
View Roadmap & Narrative
Abby Polonia '20
Junior Pre-Physical Therapy major Abby Polonia tells us about how she chose her major and more.
View Her Roadmap & Narrative

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