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Meet our Team

Karen Lovett

Director of Experiential Learning

Karen Lovett is the University of Dayton's first Director of Experiential Learning. She holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology and Education and a M.Ed in International Education Development from Columbia University, Teachers College in New York City. Karen is interested in how people learn through experience in diverse social contexts, and her work highlights the transformative impact of experiential learning on students lives. At UD she collaborates with faculty and staff who integrate innovative experiential pedagogies in their courses and programs, and she showcases students reflections on experiential learning through digital storytelling in her Experiential Learning Lab workshop. She is originally a Queens, New York City native of Colombian descent.

Ainsley Thomas

Media Manager

Ainsley uses her marketing major to bring you all the latest from OEL through our newsletter, Instagram, and YouTube. Ainsley manages our digital platforms and creates informative and engaging content for the online UD community. She collaborates with our team, and other departments to find new and exciting ways of introducing students to all the opportunities offered. Ainsley’s own experiential learning journey has seen her through a dance team, internships, and service projects.

Arabella Loera

Program Coordinator & Student Liaison

As our Program Coordinator and Student Liaison, Arabella facilitates EL events across campus, including labs, workshops, and trainings. She’s always around to ensure that students are meaningfully engaging with their education in ways that complement their unique backgrounds. As a criminal justice major with a minor in pre-law, Arabella’s favorite Experiential Learning Opportunity is her continued involvement with UD’s award-winning Mock Trial Team

Elizabeth Paci

Grants Coordinator & Research Analyst

Elizabeth is a mathematical economics major and computer science minor using her research skills to help students and faculty find experiential opportunities. Elizabeth works with our ELIFF Grant to help provide faculty with the resources to incorporate experiential learning into their curriculum. She regularly updates our Library Resources to include relevant and interesting sources in the academic study of experiential learning. She’s looking forward to utilizing all the research opportunities that UD has to offer.

Tess Poe-Slade

Website Administrator

Tess is an English major using her background in writing to manage and edit our website. Tess collaborates with our OEL community to highlight student and faculty stories of experiential impact. In creating and editing content, she organizes our website, so students, faculty, and parents can find exactly what they need. Tess’s own experiences include several research opportunities that eventually led to a thesis project.


Office of Experiential Learning

Roesch Library
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469