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Letter from the Director

A Message to Students from the Director of Experiential Learning

Welcome to Experiential Learning at the University of Dayton!

At UD you have the unique opportunity to become immersed in many different forms of experiential learning (EL) locally and globally, such as: community-engaged learning, education abroad, research, co-ops, student employment, internships, campus ministry immersions, leadership programs, project-based learning, and practicums. Our collaborative and supportive Marianist community is dedicated to helping you reflect on your calling and higher purpose (vocation) and how you can use knowledge and skills from these experiences to make a unique impact on the world. We are committed to providing you with valuable mentorship and guidance as you immerse yourself in these EL opportunities throughout your UD education. 

Why get involved in experiential learning? EL empowers you to take charge of your education; by problem-solving, encountering new perspectives, and developing innovative ideas with diverse groups of people, you can become a leader for the common good. Collaborate with a community organization or entrepreneurial business owner in Dayton; see exhibits and shows in local galleries and theaters with your peers; travel to our ultramodern UD China Institute to partner with Fortune 500 companies and practice your Mandarin skills; get hands-on experience with vast natural resources around us in the MetroParks and rivers; or connect with Marianist mission of community-building through various cultural immersion programs.

The possibilities are endless, and it’s really up to you to make the most of the vast array of EL opportunities available at UD. Your UD education is not confined to the classroom- Dayton, and the world, is your classroom, too. Professors here value the experience and knowledge you gain from being involved in local and global projects and organizations that will help you achieve your professional goals and allow you to network with experts in the field. UD students are highly engaged and involved in EL because they strive to make an impact, to be original and thoughtful leaders.  Through EL at UD you have the opportunity to be transformed, and transform society for the better.

From the start of your first semester you can start building your resume and co-curricular transcript by taking advantage of abundant EL resources at UD.  Take your EL explorations to the next step by participating in an EL Lab workshop through the Office of Experiential Learning, where you can use digital storytelling to create and share your unique educational journey with the world. Whatever your dreams and ambitions are, there are EL opportunities that will help you get there, and supportive people to guide and assist you each step of the way. As Director of Experiential Learning, I am dedicated to making sure you get the most out of your college experience, with the world as your creative laboratory.

Karen Velasquez, Director of Experiential Learning

Schedule a meeting

Schedule a meeting with a peer advisor or Karen Velasquez, Director of Experiential Learning for individualized attention regarding finding an EL experience, reflecting on EL experiences, and more. 


The Office of Experiential Learning

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