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How do I print/copy/scan documents?

Print documents from any of the CMC’s four workstations.  Log in to your Porches account from the computer, then send print jobs to the CMC Bizhub copier/printer. Cost is $0.05 per page; payment is by FlyerCard only. 

Make copies with the CMC’s Bizhub copier/printer (located just outside the CMC's entrance). Cost is $0.05 per page; payment is by FlyerCard only. 

To scan items, use the scanner at the CMC workstations. There is no cost to use the scanner.

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How do I find a book?

All CMC materials are searchable through the Roesch Library’s online catalog.  Click on "Advanced Search," and set the location field to "Curriculum Materials Center."  Be sure to note the item's call number to assist in finding the item on the shelves. CMC staff members are available to help locate items.

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Why aren't the books in order by reading level?

CMC staff members have created finding aids to help students target books that will fit their classroom needs. Ask a CMC staff member for help locating an item.

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How do I check out a book?

Check out materials from the CMC with a valid University of Dayton ID card. Bring materials you wish to borrow to the CMC Service Desk, and staff will check them out for you. For information about loan periods, click here.

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How do I renew a book?

To extend the loan period of CMC items, ask a CMC staff member. Items can be renewed as long as they do not have a restricted loan period, or do not have a hold request.

To renew items online, visit My Library Account.

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How do I put a hold on a book?

Most items from the CMC can have a hold placed on them. CMC staff place hold items on the Hold Shelf for 1 week.

Note: The online reserve request process takes 1 business day to reach the CMC staff. The quickest way to make a hold request is to call the CMC directly.

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How do I return a book?

During normal operating hours, please return materials to the CMC Service Desk (located inside the CMC). 

When the CMC is closed, return materials to the CMC book drop (located to the left of the CMC entrance, near the copier/printer).

CMC materials can also be returned to the Roesch Library.

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Can I return Roesch Library materials to the CMC?

The CMC is not able to provide return service to Roesch at this time.

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How do I see what I have checked out?

Visit My Library Account to view the due dates of items checked out to you. Information about account charges (fines, fees) is also visible.

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I can’t find a classroom in Fitz Hall. Can the CMC help me?

Stop by the CMC Service Desk (located in the CMC) and ask a staff member for directions.

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Can the CMC help me prepare for the Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE)?

The CMC has a collection of OAE study guides that can be borrowed for 1 week. These items do not circulate through OhioLink or interlibrary loan.

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Who is the man in the portrait by the Service Desk?Brother Louis J. Faerber

That's Br. Louis J. Faerber. The CMC is named after him (our full name is the Louis Faerber S.M. Curriculum Materials Center). He was Dean of the School of Education from 1958-65. The CMC was named after him in 1977.

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