Early Childhood Leadership & Advocacy Program

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Shauna Adams

Let me introduce myself and some rewarding online program options for early childhood teachers, leaders and advocates.

My name is Dr. Shauna Adams, and I coordinate an exciting online program designed by, and for, early childhood teachers, leaders and advocates. After working with busy early childhood professionals for more than a decade, it became clear to me and my colleagues that many existing bachelor's and master's degree programs do not meet the needs of the working professional.

To address the demand for a responsive program, we brought our early care and education partners together to identify the needs of the field and to design a program that meets those needs.

The University of Dayton is a leader in the field of early childhood education, providing outstanding, cutting-edge preservice and inservice programs. This part-time online degree program:

  • Gives credit for work-related training.
  • Supports the Early Childhood Career Lattice by building on an associate's degree and earning credit toward a bachelor's and/or master's degree.
  • Is stackable, lean and affordable.
  • Comes from a university with a tradition of excellence.

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