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image of students prayingBecoming a part of the Lalanne Program - either as a teacher or a partner school - has numerous benefits. Discover the many reasons to become part of this program by exploring the links below:

Benefits for our teachers

  • Answering your call to teach.
  • Service to under-resourced Catholic schools.
  • $16,000 stipend per year; depending on placement school, may be eligible for Federal Loan Forgiveness plan.
  • Loan deferment while in Lalanne program.
  • Living in a supportive, intentional faith community with other first- and second-year Lalanne teachers.
  • Two summers on the University of Dayton campus for graduate studies and community formation.
  • Housing cost to each teacher is $165/month for 10 months (actual costs are subsidized by Lalanne).
  • Summer housing and money for food are provided.

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As a Lalanne teacher, you will have the opportunity to enrich your connection to your faith and to strengthen your beliefs.

Orientation activities, retreats, living in community, discussions with colleagues and daily interactions with students provide opportunities for you to reflect on your personal faith journey. Each Lalanne community is also assigned a diocesan contact, a person who acts as a local reference for faith activities that you may wish to explore and who assists you with living in community.

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Professional development
  • Two years of mentored teaching experience (mentors include Lalanne staff, school mentor, and school principal).
  • Master's degree (a value of more than $19,000).
  • Lalanne offers more than 10 different degree programs which build on the undergraduate teacher education preparation of our teachers.

Benefits for our partner schools

New for 2018: We're now able to transition your newly hired teachers into Lalanne! Contact Lalanne Director Jacinta Mergler for more information.

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