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Why Lalanne?

Lalanne benefits teachers & schools

Becoming a part of the Lalanne program — either as a Lalanne teacher or a partner school — has numerous benefits:

Benefits for Lalanne teachers

Professional development
  • Earn your Master's degree (a $45,000 value). Choose from multiple degree options (the most among similar service programs).
  • Two years of mentored teaching experience (mentors include Lalanne staff, school mentors and school principals).
  • $17,000 stipend per year.
  • Loan deferment while in Lalanne program.
  • May be eligible for Federal Loan Forgiveness plan (depending on your placement school).
  • Answering your call to teach.
  • Service to under-resourced Catholic schools. (Note: Under-resourced schools are identified as those schools primarily in urban or rural areas that struggle to attract young, faith-filled teachers.)
  • Two retreats annually (summer & winter).
  • Spiritual mentors for each community to nurture and encourage spiritual growth.

As a Lalanne teacher, you'll have the opportunity to enrich your connection to your faith and to strengthen your beliefs. Orientation activities, retreats, living in community, discussions with colleagues and daily interactions with your students provide opportunities for you to reflect on your personal faith journey.

Benefits for our partner schools

  • Strong, faith-filled teachers.
  • Time and resources to hire teachers.
  • No healthcare costs.
  • Reduced salary costs.
  • Resources from the University of Dayton School of Education and Health Sciences.
  • Mentoring for new teachers by Lalanne staff.

Note: We may be able to transition your newly hired teachers into Lalanne! Contact Lalanne Director Peggy Brun for more information >>



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