Spring 2014 Issue

In this Easter time of year, we celebrate the Paschal mystery. This season, the Center for Catholic Education has experienced dying and rising in a close and intimate way. The CCE is leaving our home, Chaminade Hall, since our founding in 1996. Please read the story about our transition to the new space, College Park Center. There is sadness in our leaving but joy in the beautiful new place we will soon occupy and hope you will visit!

The greatest sadness we have experienced is in the passing of our wonderful friend and colleague, Dr. Thomas C. Hunt. We remain joyful as his spirit lives in our work. We continue to pray that the legacy of scholarship that he left us will inspire us to grow Catholic education as Tom so eloquently wrote and constantly encouraged. Please review the beautiful story about Tom, written by the University of Dayton’s Cameron Fullam.

This issue is packed with news of delivering a faith-filled message, creating a new Lalanne cohort, and providing a plethora of summer opportunities for outstanding professional development. We hope you enjoy our good news and rejoice with us as we carry on the work that Jesus calls us to do!

Please send us your thoughts on the newsletter! We are willing to share your good news in the Fall issue!

Susan Ferguson

Director, Center for Catholic Education
University of Dayton

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