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Who can participate in the Upward Bound Program?
  • Prospective first-generation college students (neither parent has earned a four-year college degree). 
  • Students who come from families that meet low-income guidelines, defined as below federal household guidelines.
  • Participants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents, and attend one of the program's three target Dayton Public Schools: Meadowdale, Belmont, or Dunbar.
  • High school students who have completed the 8th grade, but have not yet started the 12th grade.
What is the program's cost?
  • There is no cost to participants or their families for the program's services, which includes room, food and fees (excluding medical expenses).
Can I just attend the Summer Academy?
  • No. The Upward Bound Program is a year-round program which provides support to students all throughout high school. Students are required to attend the Summer Academy and the academic year component as well.
Where can I get an application?
When can I apply?
  • Students interested in the Upward Bound Program can apply as early as the Spring of their 8th grade year, to be considered for a Summer Start; and at any time while they are enrolled in high school, but prior to the summer before their Senior year.
How many students are enrolled in the Upward Bound Program?
  • The program is funded to serve 63 students.
Where can I learn more about the Upward Bound Program?

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