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Expand the sections below to learn more about opportunities available to students in the University of Dayton Department of Teacher Education:

The Department of Teacher Education offers students the opportunity to study abroad each summer.

Study abroad opportunities

Teacher Education students participate in the University of Dayton's annual Stander Symposium. This campus-wide event provides an opportunity for students from all disciplines to showcase their intellectual and artistic accomplishments.

Stander Symposium

The Dayton area's leading early childhood education center also serves as a demonstration school for University of Dayton Teacher Education students studying Early Childhood Education. The Center is operated in conjunction with the UD Center for Early Learning.

Bombeck Family Learning Center

This innovative community school, sponsored by Dayton Public Schools and operated by the University of Dayton, also serves as a demonstration school for University of Dayton Teacher Education students majoring in Adolescent to Young Adult Education (EYA).

DECA's singular focus is preparing urban students to attend and succeed in college.

Dayton Early College Academy

Lalanne is a specialized program for teacher education graduates pursuing their master's degree. The program supports beginning Catholic school educators by combining service and teaching.

Lalanne teachers benefit from two years of mentored teaching experience, while also earning their master's degree at the University of Dayton. Teachers make a two-year commitment to teach in an under-resourced Catholic school and live together in a faith-based community with other first- and second-year lalanne teachers, while pursuing professional and spiritual/personal development.


Program for pre-service teachers who have an interest in urban teaching.

Students are traditional undergraduates in the University of Dayton Dept. of Teacher Education who want to work with high-poverty and high-needs student populations.

Urban Teacher Academy

Department of Teacher Education

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