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Meet our students

Group photo of School Psychology students at the University of Dayton 2023

Why do our students choose the University of Dayton School Psychology program? Explore their insights below, along with details about their research interests.

Angela Kladias
  • About me: I chose UD because of the hands-on practicum experiences offered within the first semester of the program as well as the opportunity to have a graduate assistantship. The professors are able to build personal relationships with students and I love how close I am with my cohort!
  • Research Interests: Mental health and behavior, social emotional learning, prevention services
  • Thesis ProjectThe impact of interdisciplinary supports on quality of life for young adults with concussion
Jessica Royster
  • About Me: I chose UD because after talking with students in the program all of them said how supportive the professors are and that the cohort model allows for strong collaboration among peers. It is clear that the faculty prioritized and cared about their students.
  • Research Interests: PBIS systems and disciplinary actions, anxiety
  • Thesis Project: Effectiveness of childhood anxiety training for school psychologists
Renee Finan
  • About Me: I chose UD because of the supportive and knowledgeable faculty as well as the practicum experiences you get from the very first semester.
  • Research Interests: Social-emotional learning, LGBTQ+ student support strategies
  • Thesis Project: Job satisfaction of school psychologists
Courtney Bockbrader
  • About Me: I love working in the schools and getting hands-on experience every day, and that opportunity is a big reason why I chose UD. I also love the supportive environment that the professors and other students create here. 
  • Research Interests: family-school partnerships
Eric Gilkey
  • About Me: I chose UD because the professors were both tough and compassionate—dedicated to helping us succeed while pushing us out of our comfort zones. While going to school part-time and working full-time is difficult, I’m so thankful that I made the decision to pursue school psychology.
  • Research Interests: Behavior, brain responses to stimuli
  • Thesis Project: Relationship between the presence of gay-straight alliances and school staff attitudes toward LGBTQ students and issues
Lauren Davis
  • About Me: One of the main reasons I chose UD was because of how welcomed I felt during interview day. The community that UD built felt very strong, and it simply felt right.
  • Research Interests: D/deaf studies and school belonging.
Kaya Cross
  • About Me: I chose UD because both of my parents are alumni and the location was perfect for me. I wanted to gain the maximum amount of experience from my program as possible and I knew I would get that at UD.
  • Research Interests: Social emotional learning, trauma informed education.
  • Thesis Project: Teachers’ preparedness to respond to students with trauma.
Sam Douglass
  • About Me: I chose UD due to the amazing faculty and the opportunity to work in a school as a graduate assistant.
  • Research Interests: Neurological effects of trauma on children.
  • Thesis Project: Teaching preliminary self-awareness skills to a child with ASD.
Kamryn Magee
  • About Me: I chose UD because of the hands-on and personal experiences offered right at the start of the program, as well as the opportunity to work as a graduate assistant. Education.
  • Research Interests: Traumatic brain injuries, mental health and behavior, and PBIS/MTSS support systems
Mallory Randall
  • About Me: I chose UD because even as early as interview day, I could feel how supportive and compassionate the faculty was. They were so welcoming and really made me feel like I was a part of the program already. All the professors are so knowledgeable and want you to succeed.
  • Research Interests: School to Prison Pipeline, mental health and teacher perceptions of school psychologists
  • Thesis Project: Teacher perspectives regarding the science of reading in the classroom
Jacob Hannah
  • About Me: I chose UD primarily because of the faculty and professors. They are extremely supportive and willing to help you however possible. The program’s emphasis on securing graduate assistantships for its students was influential as well.
  • Research Interests: Autism Spectrum Disorder, social emotional learning, systems change.
  • Thesis Project: Teacher perceptions on concealed carry in schools.
Sydney Wallace
  • About Me: of the reasons I chose UD is its welcoming environment and the vast support you receive from all the staff members. Furthermore, as soon as I started the program, UD allowed me to enter schools and learn the roles of a school psychologist.
  • Research InterestAnxiety, children and family dynamics, improving the social-emotional state of young children.

School Psychology Program

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