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Hiring and Advancement for Diversity, Inclusion, and Mission Working Group

Hiring and Advancement for Diversity, Inclusion, and Mission Working Group

A Professional Development/Training and Strategic Planning Initiative at the University of Dayton

A Collaborative Effort Between: The Office of the Provost, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Human Resources, Student Development and Office of Legal Affairs/Office of Compliance and Affirmative Action

Hiring and Advancement for Diversity, Inclusion, and Mission Final Report 2018


To identify, develop, implement and measure best and promising practices that will result in more effective and efficient recruitment, hiring, retention and promotion/advancement of faculty, staff and administrators from domestic underrepresented racial/ethnic populations at predominantly white institutions (PWIs) and to achieve gender equity. This process intentionally and strategically targets historical and contemporary patterns of underrepresentation of these groups.  The process, however, will also inform the University and better position it to understand, develop, and implement best and promising practices associated with underrepresented persons from other diverse populations (e.g., LGBTQ+, faith traditions, etc.).

  • Identify and secure the services of an outside consultant to lead a professional development workshop to develop a framework for a comprehensive strategy to launch an efficient and sustainable campus-wide effort aimed at achieving a more equitable and inclusive1 faculty, staff and administration. COMPLETED
  • Engage in a two-day examination of best practices of a similarly-situated institution with a proven track record in the recruitment, hiring, retention and promotion/advancement of faculty, staff and administrators from underrepresented racial/ethnic populations at PWIs and movement toward the achievement of gender equity.  COMPLETED
  • Lead a process for campus leaders in an institutional benchmarking and review of selected literature addressing the goals of the working group.
  • Assist the University in:
    • Completing a  SWOT analysis of current policies and practices
    • Examination of effective and efficient function and utilization of the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion relative to the primary goals of this effort.
    • Examination best and promising practices.
    • Development of a framework that will inform recommendations moving forward.

This strategic initiative is focused on professional development for Academic Affairs, Student Development and Human Resources staff, the mid-to- senior level administrative staff, deans, department chairs, and members and chairs of search committee.

For the purpose of this initiative, “inclusion” is intended to address disparities in underrepresentation of domestic racial/ethnic populations and gender equity.

Next Steps:
  • Form sub-working groups
  • Reading and discussion of selected literature/resource material
  • Sub-groups meet to discuss major findings and potential recommendations based on review of resources/literature
    • Develop report framework
  • Sub-groups write initial drafts of reports/recommendations
  • Review of sub-working group report drafts
  • Develop common draft with introduction
  • Presentation of working group report and recommendations
Recommended Sub Working Group Composition


Patsy Bernal-Olson, William Fischer, Claudette Groeber, Beth Harrison, Jaci Jackson, Tim Kao, Amy Tanaka, Troy Washington (ex officio), and Lynn White


Amy Askren, Rachel Collopy, Peggy DesAutels, Hector Escobar, V. Denise James, Carolyn Phelps, Working Group Co-Convener, Scott Schneider, Andrew, Slade, and Don Wynn

Ex Officio for Both Sub Groups:

Lisa Borello, Director of the Women’s Center
Lawrence Burnley, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion and Working Group Co-Convener


Office of Diversity and Inclusion

St. Mary's Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 1626