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Ryan Seifert

Staff Project Engineer, Multifunctional Structure

University of Dayton Research Institute: Structural Materials


Email: Ryan Seifert
Curran Place - M4515


Dr. Ryan Seifert’s research focuses on the design and analysis of advanced composite materials, particularly those with locally tailored properties. Using tools like Multifunctional Topology Optimization, Composite Damage Mechanics, and ML/AI, his work primarily involves optimization of locally tailored materials, such as those created via additive manufacturing or Tailored Fiber Placement.

In addition to gradient-based topology optimization routines, Dr. Seifert has also developed several genetic algorithms that utilize UDRI’s BSAM finite element and damage evolution software. He also created a K-NN clustering scheme for composite damage characterization via Acoustic Emission (AE) waveform analysis.


  • Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, Virginia Tech
  • B.S., Aerospace Engineering, Virginia Tech


  • Anisotropic material optimization
  • Topology optimization with process models and manufacturing constraints
  • Multifunctional topology optimization
  • Composite damage detection and characterization

Dr. Seifert also helps to lead the Structural Materials Division’s Composite Optimization team. Learn more here

Select Publications

  • Seifert, David Ryan, Andrew Abbott, and Jeffery Baur. "Topology and alignment optimization of additively manufactured, fiber-reinforced composites." Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization 63.6 (2021): 2673-2683.
  • Geise, Luke, et al. "Harnessing shape optimization techniques to develop novel methods to determine shear properties in PMCs." Computational Materials Science 200 (2021): 110782.
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  • Seifert, David Ryan, et al. "Design, Fabrication, and Testing of Optimized Flexible Cylinders." Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures and Intelligent Systems. Vol. 59131. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2019.
  • Seifert, David Ryan. Topology optimization of multifunctional nanocomposite structures. Diss. Virginia Tech, 2018.