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Daniel B. McCray

Division Head, Nonstructural Materials

University of Dayton Research Institute: Nonstructural Materials


Email: Daniel McCray
Phone: 937-656-6009
WPAFB Bldg 652 Rm 155
Website: Visit Site


Dan McCray has over 25 years of experience conducting projects related to material and processing (M&P) issues with structural adhesive bonding, prebond surface preparation, polymer matrix composites, and aerospace specialty materials. Dan specializes in addressing M&P issues encountered with aerospace structures during production, in depot, or in field repair environments. He has extensive experience evaluating physical, mechanical, and electrical properties of materials, optimizing processing techniques, and transitioning M&P technologies to aircraft manufacturers and maintainers. Dan has authored over 100 technical papers/reports and regularly presents at technical conferences and meetings. Dan also chairs technical sessions related to the topics of adhesive bonding and composite materials at various conferences and serves as the Technical Program Co-Chair for the High Temperature Polymeric Laminate (HIGH TEMPLE) Workshop, an annual meeting devoted to discussing advances in high temperature polymers, composites, and their applications.


Dan currently leads UDRI’s Aerospace Materials Sustainment Group, composed of 20 researchers focused on developing M&P solutions for a variety of aerospace applications. The AMS Group is based in several laboratories at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base with ~ $10M in annual revenues. As well as serving as the senior technical subject matter expert in his Group, Dan’s primary responsibility within the AMS Group is to serve as Program Manager for the Composites, Adhesives, Specialty Technologies, and Elastomers Research (COASTER) program with Air Force Research Laboratory. The COASTER program is a seven-year, $50M contract tasked with developing polymer-related M&P technologies and transitioning those technologies to end users within the U.S. Air Force, Department of Defense, aerospace industry, and beyond.


  • Structural Adhesive Bonding: Evaluation of structural adhesive materials, material properties, and development of prebond surface preparations
  • Polymer Matrix Composites: Evaluation of composite materials, material properties, process development and optimization, and test methodologies
  • Characterization of Aerospace Specialty Materials: Evaluation of nonstructural aerospace specialty materials found on the outer mold line of aerospace vehicles, including specialty coatings, boot materials, gap fillers, conductive materials, etc.
  • Aircraft Repair Development: Development of repair methodologies encompassing a variety of aerospace M&P that can be performed in field or depot maintenance environments


  • M.S., Materials Engineering, University of Dayton
  • B.S., Materials Science and Engineering, Wright State University
  • A.S., Engineering Science, Sinclair Community College


  • University of Dayton Research Institute Exceptional Performance Award, 2021, 2020, and 2015
  • University of Dayton Wohlleben-Hochwalt Outstanding Professional Research Award for 2004-2005


  • Technical Program Co-Chair for the High Temple Workshop
  • Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering (SAMPE)
  • Tau Beta Pi, The Engineering Honor Society
  • Alpha Sigma Mu, The International Professional Honor Society for Materials Science and Engineering

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