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Matthew J. DeWitt

Group Leader, Fuels Engineering - Distinguished Research Engineer - Associate Professor, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering

University of Dayton Research Institute: Fuels and Combustion; School of Engineering: Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering


Email: Matthew DeWitt
Phone: 937-255-6399
WPAFB Bldg 490 Rm 150
Website: Visit Site


Dr. DeWitt leads the Fuels Engineering group, which conducts research and development in the areas of jet fuel thermal stability, particulate matter and gaseous emission abatement, jet fuels for reduced temperature operation, and advanced nano-sensor development.


  • Oxidative and pyrolytic reactivity of hydrocarbons/fuels
  • Development of reaction mechanisms for liquid and gas-phase chemistry
  • Quantitation of solid and gaseous emissions from combustion sources
  • Development of chemical and engineering strategies for particulate matter mitigation
  • Evaluation of aviation fuel additive and chemistry
  • Alternative fuel development and characterization
  • Analytical method design and development


  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Northwestern University, 1999
  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, The Ohio State University, 1994


  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
  • American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
  • International Association for the Stability Handling and Use of Liquid Fuels (IASH)

Selected Publications

  • Corporan, E., DeWitt, M.J., Klingshirn, C., “Evaluation of Downstream Dilution Techniques for the Sampling of Turbine Engine Particulate Matter,” SAE 2013 AeroTech Congress & Exhibition, Paper 2013-01-2130, September, 2013.
  • Cain, J., DeWitt, M.J., Blunck, D., Corporan, E., Striebich, R., Anneken, D., Klingshirn, C., Roquemore, W.M., and Vaner Wal, R., “Characterization of Gaseous and Particulate Emissions from a Turboshaft Engine Burning Conventional, Alternative and Surrogate Fuels” Energy & Fuels, 27(4), 2290-2302, 2013.
  • Corporan, E., DeWitt, M.J., Klingshirn, C.D., Anneken, D., Shafer, L., and Striebich, R. “Comparisons of Emissions Characteristics of Several Turbine Engines Burning Fischer-Tropsch and Hydroprocessed Esters and Fatty Acids Alternative Jest Fuels,” Proceeding of ASME Turbo Expo 2012, GT2012-68656, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 11-15, 2012.
  • Klingshirn, C.D., DeWitt., M. Striebich, R., Anneken, D., Shafer, L., Corporan, E., Wagner, M., and Brigalli, D. “Hydroprocessed Renewable Jet Fuel Evaluation, Performance, and Emissions in a T63 Turbine Engine,” Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, 134 (5), May 2012.
  • DeWitt, M.J., Edwards, T., Shafer, L., Brooks, D., Striebich, R., Bagley, S.P., and Wornat, M.J. “Effect of Aviation Fuel Type on Pyrolytic Reactivity and Deposition Propensity under Supercritical Conditions,” Ind. & Eng. Chem. Res., 50(18), 10434-10451, 2011.
  • Corporan, E., Edwards, T., Shafer, L., DeWitt, M.J., Klingshirn, C., Zabarnick, S., West, Z., Striebich, R., Graham, J., and Klein, J. “Chemical, Thermal Stability, Seal Swell, and Emissions Studies of Alternative Jet Fuels,” Energy & Fuels, 25, 955-966, 2011.
  • Corporan, E., DeWitt, M.J., Klingshirn, C.D., Striebich, R., and Cheng, M.-D. “Emissions Characteristics of Military Helicopter Engines with JP-8 and Fischer-Tropsch Fuels,” Journal of Propulsion and Power, 26(2), 317-324, 2010.
  • Kahandawala, M.S.P., DeWitt, M.J., Corporan, E., and Sidhu, S.S. “Ignition and Emission Characteristics of Surrogate and Practical Jet Fuels,” Energy & Fuels, 22, 3673-3679, 2008.
  • DeWitt, M.J., Corporan, E., Graham, J.L. and Minus, D. “Effects of Aromatic Type and Concentration in Fischer-Tropsch Fuel on Emission Production and Material Compatibility,” Energy & Fuels, 22, 2411-2418, 2008.
  • DeWitt, M.J., et al., “Effect of Addition of Aromatics on the Thermal-Oxidative Stability of Alternative Fuels,” presented at the 13th International Conference on Stability, Handling, and Use of Liquid Fuels, Rhodes, Greece, October 8, 2013.
  • DeWitt, M.J., et al., “Effect of Fuel Chemical Composition on Supercritical Reactivity and Deposition Propensity,” presented at the 13th International Conference on Stability, Handling, and Use of Liquid Fuels, Rhodes, Greece, October 8, 2013.

Honors and Awards

  • 2015 Affiliate Council of Dayton Outstanding Engineer and Scientists Award for Excellence in Research, April, 2015
  • Invited Speaker, 62nd JANNAF Propulsion Meeting, 8th Liquid Propulsion Subcommittee, Nashville, Tennessee, June 2, 2015