Calla Couch

Contact Information

  • Email: Calla Couch
  • Phone: 937.229.3973
  • Location: Liberty Hall Room 207

Calla Couch

Graduate Student - Retreat and Faith Communities

  • Graduate Assistant

Personal History

Calla is a Graduate Assistant for Retreats and Christian Leadership and pursuing a Masters in Pastoral Ministry.  She received a degree in Sociology in 2014 and spent the following year serving with a volunteer program in Tampa, Florida as a home safety educator in a Pediatric ER and a patient companion in the ICU.  After living the Florida life, Calla returned to her home state of Indiana and worked at Rock Steady Boxing in Indianapolis for a year before coming to UD in Fall 2016.  Calla has a passion for Swing and Blues dancing and loves to sit in nature listening to the still quiet of God's creation.