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Cecilia Mushenheim

Volunteer for the Mariological Society of America


Libraries: Marian Library


Email: Cecilia Mushenheim
Phone: 937-229-4294
Website: Visit Site
Roesch Library 708


Cecilia Mushenheim has a long a varied background with the UD Libraries. She began as a part-time Research Assistant in the Marian Library (1978-1982), during which time she also taught survey courses in U.S. History (part-time instructor, 4 terms, 1 to 3 sections each) for the History Department (1980-1981).

Beginning July 1982, she became a full-time library staff member: continuing as Research (and Editing) Assistant in the Marian Library and taking on the role of University Archivist (1982-1990). During this period, she was also given responsibility as the coordinator for the Preservation/Conservation Unit (book repair and preparation, disaster planning, etc.); this role continued from 1986 to 1996.

In August 1990, she assumed a full-time position in the Marian Library as Research Assistant/Cataloger and served in this dual position through June 2012. She continued with research, copy-editing, and proofreading work related to Marian Library publications and other texts; she was involved with the cataloging and preservation of print materials and also with the organization of various other collections of the Marian Library.

Beginning July 2012, she returned to her original part-time position as Research Assistant in the Marian Library. Since 1979, when the director of the Marian Library became the secretary of the Mariological Society of America and editor for its annual proceedings Marian Studies, she has served as the Assistant to the MSA Secretary for various MSA-connected administrative and operational tasks and also as assistant for the editing, publication, and distribution of Marian Studies.

With a strong Catholic and Marianist background, she is committed to the mission of the University, the Libraries, and the Marian Library in particular, seeking to help extend its worldwide influence for the glory of God through Mary, chosen handmaid of the Lord.


  • B.A., Mary's University (San Antonio), 1965
  • M.A., August 1971 (completed), May 1972 (graduation)

Professional Activities

  • Academic Library Association of Ohio, 1991-2012
  • American Association of Museums, 1996-2012
  • American Library Association,1990-1995
  • American Theological Library Association, 1996-2012
  • Ohio Museum Association, 1996-present
  • Society of American Archivists, 1982-1990
  • Society of Ohio Archivists, 1982-present

Research Interests

  • U.S. Catholicism, Mary, women (especially from a history of ideas and religious history vantage point)
  • Preservation/conservation and multi-media formats (library, archival and museum research materials)

Selected Publications

  • (co-authored with Susan Tsui)"Outsourcing to OCLC: Three Cataloging Projects of the University of Dayton's Marian Library." Journal of Educational Media and Library Services, 37/2 (December 1999): 145-164.
  • "Using the Internet to Provide Worldwide Access to Research Collections with Minimal Cataloging." In Libraries and Associations in the Transient World: New Technologies and New Forms of Cooperation: Conference Proceedings (Fourth International Conference, "Crimea '97"; Sudak, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine, June 7-15, 1997), 1:266-271.
  • "A Chronological Profile [of Théodore Koehler]." In Mater et Fidelium: Collected Essays to Honor Théodore Koehler on His 80th Birthday, a special issue of Marian Library Studies, n.s. 17-23 (1985-91): 47-55.
  • "A Bibliography [of Théodore Koehler]." In Mater et Fidelium: Collected Essays to Honor Théodore Koehler on His 80th Birthday, a special issue of Marian Library Studies, n.s. 17-23 (1985-91): 56-72.