Heidi Gauder

Contact Information

  • Email: Heidi Gauder
  • Phone: 937-229-4259
  • Location: Roesch Library 105F

Heidi Gauder

Professor; Coordinator of Research & Instruction

  • Full-Time Faculty


Heidi coordinates the Roesch Library instruction program, which includes scheduling library research sessions and maintaining & assessing the online library tutorial. In addition to instruction, Heidi is responsible for scheduling the Information and Research Help service desks. She is the library liaison to the History and Political Science Departments.

Courses Taught

  • PHL240: Research Methods for Philosophy Majors
  • INS250: Research Methods for International Studies Majors


  • B.A., University of Dayton
  • M.A., Purdue University
  • M.L.S., Indiana University

Research Interests

  • Leisure reading in academic libraries
  • Undergraduate research and documentation

Selected Publications

  • Kelly, Katy; Hoelscher, Colleen, and Gauder, Heidi. "Results for résumés: Managing undergraduate library interns." Library Leadership & Management, 28(4), 2014.
  • Gauder, Heidi & Escobar, Hector. "Write together: Assessing writing center data for library collaboration." Poster session. Presented at the IUPUI Assessment Institute, Indianapolis, IN. 2014.
  • Escobar, Hector & Gauder, Heidi. "Integrated service spaces: New ways of assessing collaboration." Presented at the Library Assessment Conference, Seattle, WA. 2014.
  • Gauder, Heidi & Jenkins, Fred. "Sketching success: Assessing learning outcomes with concept maps." Poster session. Presented at the Association of College & Research Libraries conference, Indianapolis, IN. 2013.
  • Escobar, Hector; Gauder, Heidi, and Frances Rice. “Change by numbers: Using data to assess and transform library service environments.” Catholic Library World, 83(1), 2012.
  • Gauder, Heidi & Fred Jenkins, “Engaging undergraduates in discipline-based research.” Reference Services Review. 40(2), 2012.
  • Gauder, Heidi and Fred Jenkins. "Old School and New School: Engaging undergraduates in discipline-based research." Poster session. Presented at the Association of College & Research LIbraries conference, Philadelphia, PA. 2011
  • Gauder, Heidi; Joan Giglierano, and Christine Schramm. “Porch Reads: Encouraging Recreational Reading Among College Students.” College & Undergraduate Libraries, 14(2), 2007.
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