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Maiella Hollander

Administrative and Budget Coordinator


Global and Intercultural Affairs Center


Email: Maiella Hollander
Phone: 937-229-3516
Alumni Hall 221


Maiella provides key administrative and budget support for UD's Global and Intercultural Affairs Center. This includes supporting the Associate Provost for Global and Intercultural Affairs/GIA executive director and GIA leadership, liaising with the campus and visitors, coordinating and tracking budgets, and overseeing the daily operations of the Center.  Maiella served over 25 years in a variety of roles from administrative associate, operations manager, customer service officer, and banking operations. She has been with UD since 2017. Prior to working with the Global and Intercultural Affairs Center, she worked with the Women's Center and Women and Gender Studies Program as well as the Multi-Ethnic Education and Engagement Center.

Degree Held

B.S. Computer Science, De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines, 1995