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Dash Dashti

Programs Coordinator


Global and Intercultural Affairs Center


Email: Dash Dashti
Phone: 937-229-3553
Alumni Hall 219


Dash recently joined the GIA Center and currently serves as Programs Coordinator focusing on summer faculty-led programming. 

Dash has lived in Thailand, Kuwait, and the United States.  From the Middle East to Thailand, Singapore, Japan, France, Bulgaria, London, and Egypt, Dash was well-traveled at a young age. It was a necessity to learn how to communicate even if he did not know the language. During his travels, he became interested knowing cultures, people, and ideologies within the societies he visited.

After he graduated from high school, Dash studied abroad in the United States. He attended the English Program for International students at the University of South Carolina (Columbia). He then studied English with a concentration in TESOL. 

With all the exposure Dash has had over the years to global cultures, he's excited to facilitate student experiences in study abroad, to support them as they experience different cultures, and immerse themselves and expand their horizons.

Degree Held

B.A., English, concentration in TESOL, Wright State University (2021)

Research Interests

Diaspora & Generation 1.5 students