George Doyle, Jr.

Contact Information

  • Email: George Doyle, Jr.
  • Phone: 937-229-2995
  • Location: Kettering Laboratories Room 361D

George R. Doyle, Jr.

Professor Emeritus

  • Emeritus


Selected Publications

  • Doyle, Jr., G.R. 1991. Kinematic, two dimensional dynamic and force analysis of left-hand/right-hand drive wiper systems.  Submitted to Delco Products, April.
  • Doyle, Jr., G.R. 1988. Analytical model and computer program of F-16 nose gear and F-16 ALGS, August.
  • Badalamenti, J.M., and G.R. Doyle, Jr. 1988. Radial-interradial spring tire models. Transaction of the ASME, Journal of Vibration, Acoustic, Stress, and Reliability in Design, January.
  • Doyle, Jr., G.R. 1986. A review of computer simulations for aircraft-surface dynamics. AIAA Journal of Aircraft, April. (Special Citation Award)
  • Doyle, Jr., G.R. 1985. Accuracy and efficiency of numerical integration techniques for dynamic systems. AFWAL-TR-85-3103, December.
  • Doyle, Jr., G.R. 1982. Conventional versus self-steering radial trucks for high speed passenger trains. Transaction of ASME, Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurements and Controls, December.
  • Doyle, Jr., G.R. 1982. Dynamic analysis of a simplified railroad electrification system. ASME 82-WA/RT-2, November.
  • Doyle, Jr., G.R., and L.L. Faulkner. 1982. Torsional vibrations in a mechanical drive. SAE 821029, September.
  • Doyle, Jr., G.R. 1982. Vibroacoustic modeling for the space shuttle thermal protection systems. Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, May-June.
  • Doyle, Jr., G.R., and L.L. Faulkner. 1982. Three-dimensional, finite element, acoustic modal analysis. Invited paper for Internoise 1982, May.
  • Doyle, Jr., G.R., and L.L. Faulkner. 1981. Three-dimensional acoustic pressure analysis with complex impedance, finite element applications in acoustics. ASME Bulletin 100143, September.
  • Doyle, Jr., G.R., et al. 1981. Computer-aided waterline placement for zinc-die-casting dies. Transaction of Eleventh International Die Casting Exposition and Congress, June.
  • Doyle, Jr., G. R., et al. 1981. Computer-aided die design for zinc-die-casting dies. Die Casting Engineer, November/December.
  • Meacham, H., J. Hadden, and G.R. Doyle, Jr. 1980. A Review of radial trucks for rail passenger vehicles. Proceedings of the First Rail Systems Technology and Operations Symposium, December, Carnegie-Mellon University.
  • Doyle, Jr., G.R. 1980. Tank dynamics model. Submitted to Teledyne, November.
  • Doyle, Jr., G.R. 1980. Hydropneumatic suspension unit - external and inarm. Submitted to Teledyne, November.
  • Doyle, Jr., G.R., and G.H. Workman. 1979. Prediction of track tension when traversing an obstacle, SAE 790416.
  • Chu, M., and G.R. Doyle, Jr. 1978. Nondeterministic Analysis of a four-wheeled model vehicle traversing a simulated random terrain, SAE 780789.
  • Doyle, Jr., G.R., and R.H. Prause. 1977. Hunting stability of rail vehicles with torsionally flexible wheelsets. Transactions of the ASME, Journal of Engineering for Industry, February.
  • Doyle, Jr., G.R., and M. Thomet. 1977. Effect of track geometry and rail vehicle suspension on passenger comfort in curves and transitions. Transactions of the ASME, Journal of Engineering for Industry, November.
  • Ahlbeck, D.R., and G.R. Doyle, Jr. 1976. Comparative analysis of dynamics of freight and passenger rail vehicles, DOT-FR-20077, November 1976.
  • Doyle, Jr., G.R. 1976. Barge-pipeline interaction computer program. Group Program at Battelle Columbus Laboratories, April 27.
  • Doyle, Jr., G.R., and D.R. Ahlbeck. 1974. Procedure for fragility rating of unirradiated fuel pins and assembles with respect to transport. Submitted to DOW Chemical, June 24.
  • Doyle, Jr., G.R., and J.W. Burbick. 1973. Computer program for the load and trajectory analysis of two 3 DOF bodies connected by an elastic tether, NASA 29144, February 5.
  • Vorachek, J.J., and G.R. Doyle, Jr. 1973. Comparison of analytical and experimentally determined dynamic behavior of tethered balloons. Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories, Contract No. F19628-72-C-0219, 30 March.
  • Doyle, Jr., G.R., and J.W. Burbick. 1973. Six degrees of freedom simulation for an arbitrarily shaped rigid body - a comparison of euler angles and quaternions. Goodyear Aerospace Report, June.
  • Doyle, Jr., G.R. 1973. Three dimensional dynamics of two bodies connected by an elastic tether - six degree of freedom forebody and five degree of freedom decelerator. Goodyear Aerospace Report, 1973.
  • Vorachek, J.J., J.W. Burbick, and G.R. Doyle, Jr. 1972. Investigation of dynamic behavior of tethered balloon systems. Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories, Contract No. F 19628-71-C-0091, 31 January.
  • Doyle, Jr., G.R., and J.J. Vorachek. 1971. Investigation of stability characteristics of tethered balloon systems. Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories, Contract No. F 19628-71-C-0091, 30 July.
  • Doyle, Jr., G.R. 1969. Mathematical model for ascent and descent of a high altitude tethered balloon. AIAA Journal of Aircraft, Sept.-Oct.

Selected Research and Work

1/67 to 9/73 Goodyear Aerospace Corporation, Akron, Ohio

  • Flight Dynamics
  • Tethered Balloon Dynamics and Stability
  • Midair Retrieval and Drop Dynamics
  • Parachute/Ballute Deployment Dynamics
  • Numerical Analyses/Computer Simulations

9/73 to 8/82 Battelle Columbus Laboratories, Columbus, Ohio

  • Rail Vehicle Dynamics, Stability, Comfort, and Curving
  • Off-Road Vehicle Dynamics
  • Acoustics
  • Structural Dynamics with Finite Element Analysis
  • Space Shuttle Thermal Protection System Dynamic Loading
  • Numerical Analyses/Computer Simulations

4/83 to 5/84 Propulsion Lab, WPAFB, Ohio

  • Closed-Form, Shaft Natural Frequencies and Mode Shapes
  • Finite Element, CRF Drive Natural Frequency and Mode Shapes

5/84 to 5/86 Flight Dynamics Lab, WPAFB, Ohio

  • Aircraft/Runway Dynamics and Simulation
  • Aircraft Gear Dynamics and Simulation

5/87 to 12/88 Materials Lab, WPAFB, Ohio

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Stress Concentration and Fatigue Analysis

8/89 to 5/91 Delco Products, Dayton, Ohio

  • Windshield Wiper Dynamics and Force Analysis, and Simulation
  • Seminars on Windshield Wiper Systems

Honors and Awards

  • School of Engineering Award of Excellence in Service, 1999
  • Affiliate Societies Council Award for Outstanding Professional Achievement in Engineering Education, 2002
  • ASME Board of Governor’s Dedicated Service Award for Devotion, Leadership and Performance, 2002
  • Certificate for outstanding service from ASME Board of Governors, 1999, 2003
  • Region V ASME Student Section Advisor Award: 1987, 1995, 2000
  • District B ASME Student Section Advisor Award: 2006
  • International ASME Student Section Advisor Award: 2006
  • Elected ASME Fellow 2007

Courses Taught

  • Freshman Mechanical
  • Engineering Seminar (3)
  • Introduction to Engineering (2)
  • Statics (1)
  • Dynamics (4)
  • Instrumentation Lab (3)
  • Kinematics (1)
  • Theory of Machines (1)
  • Engineering Analysis (23)
  • Mechanical Vibration (40)
  • Feedback Control (20)
  • Aerodynamics (8)
  • Aerospace Performance and Controls (15)
  • Aerospace Design (6)
  • Flight Dynamics (4)
  • Heat Transfer (16)
  • Senior/Junior Professional Development (44)
  • Computational Methods (27)
  • Advanced Mechanical Vibrations (8)
  • Analytical Dynamics (3)
  • Random Vibrations (4)
  • Base-Excited Vibrations (2)
  • Acoustics (3)
  • Flight Dynamics (5)
  • Advanced Aerodynamics I (8)
  • Aerospace Performance and Control (15)


  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Akron, 1973
  • M.S., Aeronautical Engineering, Purdue University, 1967
  • B.S., Aeronautical Engineering, Purdue University, 1965

Professional Activities

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Honor Seminars of Metropolitan Dayton
  • University of Dayton Academic Senate

Research Interests

  • Dynamics
  • Numerical Analysis