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Edward Watson

Graduate faculty; Researcher in Sensor Technologies at UDRI

Graduate Faculty

School of Engineering: Department of Electro-Optics and Photonics


Email: Edward Watson
Phone: 937-229-5435
Fitz Hall Room 580P

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  • Ph.D., Optics University of Rochester, Rochester, New York, 1991
  • M.S., Optical Sciences, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, 1982
  • B.S., Physics, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, with Distinction, 1976

Selected Honors and Awards

  • Fellow, Optical Society of America (OSA)
  • Fellow, Society of Photo Industrial Engineers (SPIE)
  • Fellow, Military Sensing Symposia (MSS)
  • Fellow, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • W.R.G. Baker Prize from Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, 1994
  • Rudolf Kingslake Award, Society of Photo Industrial Engineers (SPIE), 1996

Research Interests

Direct detection and coherent laser radar, nonmechanical beam steering and control, sensing using speckle, sampling in infrared imaging systems, low light level imaging and pattern recognition systems.

Courses Taught

  • Statistical Optics
  • Fourier Optics
  • Introduction to Laser Radar

Professional Activities

  • 2010 – present: Co-chair, OSA Meeting on Application of Lasers to Sensing and Communication
  • 2008-2010: Chair, Military Sensing Symposium on Active Systems
  • 2007-2010: Member, Board of Directors, Optical Society of America
  • 2007-2010: Chair, Meetings Council, Optical Society of America
  • 2004 Co-chair, Annual Meeting of the Optical Society of America

Selected Publications

28 refereed publications, including:

  • Gunturk, B.K., N.J. Miller, and E.A. Watson. 2012. Camera phasing in multi-aperture coherent imaging. Opt. Ex. 20, no. 11: 11796-11805.
  • DaneshPanah, M., B. Javidi, and E.A. Watson. 2010. Three dimensional object recognition with photon counting imagery in the presence of noise. Opt. Ex. 18, no. 25: 26450-26460.
  • Wu, L., S.B. Maley, E.A. Watson, P.F. McManamon, and H. Xie. 2010. A tip-tilt-piston micromirror array for optical phased array applications. IEEE/JMEMS 19, no. 6: 1450–1461.
  • McManamon,  P.F., P.J. Bos, M.J. Escuti, J. Heikenfeld, S. Serati, H. Xie, and E.A. Watson. 2009. A review of phased array steering for narrowband electro-optical systems. Proc. IEEE 97, no. 6: 1078-1096.
  • Korotkova, O., Y. Cai, and E. Watson. 2009. Stochastic electromagnetic beams for LIDAR systems operating through turbulent atmosphere. Appl. Phys. B 94: 681–690.
  • DaneshPanah, M., B. Javidi, and E.A. Watson. 2008. Three dimensional imaging with randomly distributed sensors. Opt. Exp. 16, no. 9: 6368-6377.
  • Yeom, S., B. Javidi, and E.A. Watson. 2005. Photon counting passive 3D image sensing for automatic target recognition. Opt. Exp. 13, no. 23: 9310-9330.
  • Brewer, C.D., B.D. Duncan, P.S. Maciejewski, S.M. Kirkpatrick, and E.A. Watson. 2002. Space bandwidth product enhancement of a monostatic, multi-aperture infrared image upconversion ladar receiver incorporating periodically poled LiNbO3. App. Opt. 41, no. 12: 2251-2262.
  • Hardie, R.C., K.J. Barnard, J.G. Bognar, E.E. Armstrong, and E.A. Watson. 1998. High-resolution image reconstruction from a sequence of rotated and translated frames and its application to an infrared imaging system. Opt. Eng. 37, no. 1: 247-260. Rudolf Kingslake Award from SPIE.
  • McManamon, P.F., T.A. Dorschner, D.L. Corkum, L.J. Friedman, D.S. Hobbs, M.K.O. Holz, S. Liberman, H.Q. Nguyen, D.P. Resler, R. C. Sharp, and E. A. Watson. 1996. Optical phased array technology. Proc. IEEE 84, no. 2: 268-298. W.R.G. Baker Prize from IEEE.
  • Barnard, K.J., and E.A. Watson. 1995. Effects of image noise on submicroscan interpolation. Opt. Eng. 34, no. 11: 3165-3173.
  • Watson, E.A. 1993. Analysis of beam steering by decentered microlens arrays. Opt. Eng. 32, no. 11: 2665-2670.
  • Watson, E.A., and G.M. Morris. 1992. Imaging thermal objects with photon-counting detectors. Appl. Opt. 31, no. 23: 4751-4757.

74 conference publications, including:

  • Watson, E.A. 2013. Impact of viewing conditions on remote vibrometry. Topical on Applications of Lasers for Sensing and Free Space Optical Communications, LW3A.3, in Paris, France.
  • Conrad III, D.G., and E.A. Watson. 2012. Speckle signatures of articulating humans. Proc. SPIE 8382-13. Watson, E.A. 2011. Conformal apertures: Concepts and requirements. Proc. SPIE 8052.
  • Javidi, B., S. Yeom, and E. Watson. 2007. Three-dimensional passive sensing photon counting for object classification. Keynote address, Proc. SPIE 6566.
  • Watson, E.A. 2002. Photon counting laser radar. Invited Tutorial at the Military Sensing Symposia on Active Systems, April.
  • Watson, E.A., D.T. Miller, and K.J. Barnard. 1998. Analysis of fill factor improvement using microlens arrays. SPIE Proc. 3276.
  • Watson, E.A., T.P. Grayson, S.A. McDonald, M.D. Nelson, L.J. Barnes, and P.F. McManamon. 1996. Enhanced recognition and sensing ladar. 1996. Invited Paper, 2nd Joint NATO/IRIS conference, London, UK, June.
  • Watson, E.A., R.A. Muse, and F.P. Blommel. 1992. Aliasing and blurring in microscanned imagery. Proceedings, SPIE 1689: 242-250.