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Abdulmajid Mrebit

Adjunct Professor



Email: Abdulmajid Mrebit
Kettering Laboratories Room 341


Selected Publications

  • Aljohani, M., Mrebit, A., Lo Monte, L., & Wicks, M. C.  (in review). Radar imaging using pseudo-coherent marine radar technology. IET Research Journal Papers.
  • Aldaouab, I., Mrebit, A., & Guwaeder, A. (2019, March). Balancing battery and thermal storage for raised renewable energy penetration for microgrid. Proc. SPIE, 10973, Smart Structures and NDE for Energy Systems and Industry 4.0, 109730V.
  • Aljohani, M., Abdelbagi, H., Lo Monte, L., Mrebit, A., & Wicks, M. C. (2017). ISAR imaging with pseudo-coherent marine radars. International Conference on Radar Systems (Radar 2017), Belfast, 1-5. doi:10.1049/cp.2017.0507
  • Mrebit, A., Abdelbagi, H., Aljohani, & Wicks, M. C. (2016). Improving the probability of detection inside the intersection area of two-radar system based upon scan-to-scan processing, scan rate modulation and probability fusion rules. J. Appl. Remote Sens. 10(3), 036024. doi: 10.1117/1. JRS.10.036024
  • Mrebit, A., & Wicks, M. C. (2016, June). Detection analysis for two radar systems based on numerical computation and probability fusion rules for detection decision. IEEE NAECON-OIS, Dayton,OH.
  • Mrebit, A., & Wicks, M. C. (2015, June). Improved detection and track processing through scan-to-scan processing and scan rate modulation. IEEE NAECON-OIS, Dayton, OH.
  • Mrebit, A., & Abdelbagi, H. (2015, June). FPGA-based coherent Doppler processor for marine radar applications. IEEE NAECON-OIS, Dayton, OH.

Selected Research and Work

  • Radar modeling and simulation with a focus on track processing analysis and track fusion under conditions of scan rate modulation for optimal performance.
  • Control theory, power system stability and control, and power electronic

Courses Taught

  • ECE 304 Electronic Systems
  • ECE 333 Applied Electromagnetics 
  • ECE 595 Radar Track Processing 
  • EGR 203 Electrical and Electronic Circuits 
  • ECT 110L Electrical Circuits I Lab 
  • ECT 224 Introduction to Digital Electronics 
  • ECT 224 L Introduction to Digital Electronics Labs 
  • ECT 306 Electronic Devices II 
  • ECT 306 L Electronic Devices II Lab 


  • Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Dayton
  • M.S., Electrical Engineering, Tripoli University, Libya, 2008
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Al-Tahadi University, Libya, 2001

Licenses, Certifications and Credentials

  • Keysight RF and Microwave Industry Ready Student Certification

Professional Activities

  • Reviewer for SPIE Journal of Applied Remote Sensing

Research Interests

  • Automatic control
  • Power system stability
  • Radar tracking
  • Power electronics