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Donald A. Comfort

Associate Professor in chemical engineering with joint appointment in bioengineering

Full-Time Faculty

School of Engineering: Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering


Email: Donald A. Comfort
Phone: 937-229-2692
Kettering Laboratories Room 524

Selected Publications

  • DeBrosse, M.C., K.K. Comfort, E.A. Untener, D.A. Comfort, and S.M. Hussain. 2013. High aspect ratio gold nanorods displayed augmented cellular internalization and surface chemistry mediated cytotoxicity. Material Science & Engineering C- Materials for Biological Applications 33, no. 7: 4094-4100.
  • Untener, E.A., K.K. Comfort, E.I. Maurer, C.M. Grabinski, D.A. Comfort, and S.M. Hussain. 2013. Tannic acid coated gold nanorods demonstrate a distinctive form of endosomal uptake and unique distribution within cells. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 5, no. 17: 8366-8373.
  • Stacy, B.M., K.K. Comfort, D.A. Comfort, and S.M. Hussain. 2013. In vitro identification of gold nanorods through hyperspectral imaging. Plasmonics 8, no. 2: 1235-1240.
  • Kim, S.S., C.L. Hisey, Z.F. Kuang, D.A. Comfort, B.L. Farmer, and R.R. Naik. 2013. The effect of single wall carbon nanotube metallicity on genomic DNA-mediated chirality enrichment. Nanoscale 5, no. 11: 4931-4936.
  • Comfort, D.A., K.S. Bobrov, D.R. Ivanen, K.A. Shabalin, J.M. Harris, A.A. Kulminskaya, H. Brumer, and R.M. Kelly. 2007. Biochemical analysis of thermotoga maritima GH36 alpha-galactosidase (TmGalA) confirms the mechanistic commonality of clan GH-D glycoside hydrolases. Biochemistry 46, no. 11: 3319-3330.

Research and Work

  • Wyeth Biotech 2006-2008


  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2006
  • M.S., Chemical Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2002
  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, 2000

Professional Activities

  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • American Society for Engineering Education

Research Interests

  • Metabolism of hyperthermophiles
  • Bioenergy
  • Carbohydrate enzymology
  • Microbial bioremediation