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Phil M.

Student Ambassador


Enrollment Management: Student Ambassador


Email: Phil M.


Class of 2024 

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Major: Accounting

Things I’m involved with on campus:  

  • Alpha Kappa Psi
  • Marianist Leaders Scholars
  • Student Ambassador

Why I Chose UD

I chose UD without having a clue what the campus looked like because I never visited or looked online. I didn’t have any family members or friends that went here either, so it was kind of a shot in the dark. The way I went about navigating my college decision was by having conversations with people that went to the various colleges I was looking at. When I asked other people about their colleges, they would say things like “I love it,” “it’s amazing,” “best 4 years of my life,” etc. But when I asked someone from UD about UD, they couldn't keep quiet. There was a different fire inside of them. It was so evident from these conversations that UD was a special place in comparison to any other university. I didn’t feel the need to even visit because at the end of the day, yes, a tour is important, but what really matters is the day to day of the students. What matters is the mental health, the relationships that are formed, how students feel about their futures, their authenticity, and much much more. It’s the intangibles and things that someone can’t see on a campus tour that I believe sets UD apart from anywhere else.

Advice for Incoming Students

Don’t live your college experience based on worrying about what other people think about you. Just do something if it interests you and don’t think too deep about it. Definitely prioritize friends over school (this is just personal experience, don’t quote me on that if you fail a class).

Why I Love UD

UD is incredible at the things that are not seen on paper. It truly is the happiest place on earth, and that is so evident in every single student that goes here. The amazing relationships I’ve formed at the school I don’t believe I would have formed at any other university in this country. I truly am obsessed with this place.

Fun Fact

My body heats up to extremely high temperatures when I go to sleep.


Favorite UD Memory

AKPsi beating PSE in basketball to win battle of the business fraternities.