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Mia S.

Student Ambassador



Email: Mia S.


Class of 2024

Hometown: Orland Park, IL

Major: Civil/Environmental Engineering

Things I’m involved with on campus:  

  • Student Ambassador
  • Intramural Sports
  • Sustainability Club
  • Sprouts
  • Society of Women Engineers

Why I Chose UD

I chose UD as to get that balance between a big, sports-school feel and the small classroom sizes. I knew I would be known by name and not just seen as a number on the roster. 

Advice for Incoming Students

My advice for incoming students would be to explore clubs on campus to gauge your interest! I joined the Society of Women Engineers to meet more women engineering students. Now, not only do I have a close group of other female engineering students, but I am also on the executive board as the club's vice president! 

Why I Love UD

I love UD because of the welcoming environment. Students are so happy to be here! There is a livelihood to Dayton's campus that brings all of us together. What other school can say that roughly 85% of their undergraduate students live on campus all four years?

Favorite UD Memory

My favorite UD memory is joining in on a snowball fight on Stuart Field during a snow day my sophomore year!

Fun Fact

I can recite the entire series finale of The Office!