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Jimmy F.

Student Ambassador



Email: Jimmy F.


Class of 2022 

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Things I’m involved with on campus:  

  • Epsilon Tau Pi
  • Climbing Team
  • Student Ambassador

Why I Chose UD

During my own college search, I applied to several different schools. Among them, UD stood stood out as an excellent engineering program, a beautiful campus, and a welcoming community unlike any other school I visited. When I finally narrowed down my decision to UD and one other school, I knew UD would feel most like home to me for the next few years.

Advice for Incoming Students

Get involved on campus and be open to meeting new people! You will find fellow students through all your activities with similar interests. Also, it is always great to have a few study buddies!

Why I Love UD

I love UD for the connections the community has helped me make while I have been here. I have made amazing memories through my classes and activities, and I have found friends I will have for the rest of my life. UD's campus always feels like a home away from home to me!