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Annie C.

Student Ambassador



Email: Annie C.


Class of 2024 

Hometown: Highland Park, Illinois

Major: Marketing and Spanish

Things I’m involved with on campus:  

  • Student Ambassador
  • Zeta Tau Alpha (Diversity and Inclusion Board)
  • CORE Program

Why I Chose UD

I chose UD because I felt so safe and at home here the second I stepped on campus. I really felt the community that was talked about from people constantly smiling at me and holding the door. Students here are always so friendly, loving, and dedicated to collaboration and helping each other grow and I knew that would be the best environment for me to learn in.

Advice for Incoming Students

Get involved in intramural sports, sign up for the CORE program, be friendly to everyone you meet.

Why I Love UD

I love UD because I feel like all of my friends and peers I have met are so generous and caring. I feel welcomed in my classrooms and have only had amazing professors dedicated to helping me learn and willing to put in any extra effort or attention I may need. I love the student neighborhood and how it connects all students and how we can live so close to one another. I feel so grateful to go here.

Fun Fact

I am a dual citizen (citizen of the USA and Austria).

Favorite UD Memory

Hanging out with friends on their porches every weekend.