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Abby R.


Email: Abby R.


Class of 2024 

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Major: Health Science, Integrative Physiology

Things I’m involved with on campus:  

  • HSS Peer Mentor
  • Pre-PA Club
  • Student Ambassador
  • Intramural Sports
  • Sigma Kappa
  • Sprouts

Why I chose UD

I chose UD because of things like the health science department, student neighborhood, and overall campus atmosphere. I was committed to another school and changed my mind to UD because I knew it was my home. The students here are beyond passionate about UD and all it has to offer and I wanted to be apart of that. 

Advice for Incoming Students

Get involved! It sounds so cliche, but sign up for everything you think sounds interesting, you never know what you'll like or who you'll meet! I recommend intramural sports, Greek life and on-campus jobs.

Why I Love UD

I love UD because of the amazing people tat make up the school's atmosphere. Everyone here wants you to succeed and see you accomplish what you've set your mind to.

Fun Fact

I have a recipe published in a magazine!