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Harvey G. Enns


Full-Time Faculty

School of Business Administration: MIS, OSC and Business Analytics


Email: Harvey G. Enns
Phone: 937-229-2677
Curriculum Vitae: Read CV

Courses Taught

  • MIS 301 - Information Systems in Organizations
  • MIS 465 - MIS Project I - Analysis and Design in Teams
  • MIS 475 - MIS Project II - Design and Implementation in Teams
  • MBA 660 - Information Technology and Systems
  • MBA 794 - Information Systems & Business Decision Making


  • University of Western Ontario, PhD (Management Information Systems), 2000
  • University of Minnesota, MBA (Management Information Systems), 1991
  • University of Manitoba, B.Commerce (Management Information Systems), 1985
  • University of Winnipeg, BA (Administrative Studies/Psychology), 1982

Research Interests

  • Chief information officer influence
  • Top executive influence
  • IT professionals' employment arrangements
  • Information systems strategy
  • Information systems in developing countries

Selected Publications

  • Yu, W., Jacobs, M. A., Salisbury, W. D., Enns, H. G. (2013). The Effects of Supply Chain Integration on Customer Satisfaction and Financial Performance: An Organizational Learning Perspective. International Journal of Production Economics, 146(1), 346-358.
  • Ferratt, T. W, Prasad, J., Enns, H. G. (2012). Synergy and Its Limits in Managing Information Technology Professionals. Information Systems Research, 23(4), 1175-1194.
  • Enns, H. G., McDonagh, J. J. (2012). Irish CIOs’ Influence on Technology Innovation & IT-Business Alignment. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 30(1), 1-10. 
  • Enns, H., McFarlin, D., Sweeney, P. (2011). How CIOs Overcome the Competing Values Challenge. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 28(1), 549-560.
  • Prasad, J., Enns, H., Ferratt, T. (2007). One Size Does Not Fit All: Managing IT Employees' Employment Arrangements. Human Resource Management, 46(3), 349-372.
  • Enns, H., McFarlin, D., Huff, S. L. (2007). Getting Their Way: CIO's and the use of Interpersonal Influence. MIS Quarterly Executive, 6(1), 29-38.
  • Enns, H., Ferratt, T., Prasad, J. (2006). Beyond Stereotypes of IT Professionals: Implications for IT HR Practices. Communications of the ACM, 49(4), 105-109.
  • Enns, H., McFarlin, D. (2005). When Executives Successfully Influence Peers: The Role of Target Assessment, Preparation, and Tactics. Human Resource Management, 44(3), 257-278.
  • Enns, H., Huff, S., Golden, B. R. (2003). CIO Influence Behaviors: The Impact of Technical Background. Information & Management, 40(5), 467-485.
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  • Enns, H., Huff, S. L. (1999). Internet Development in Mongolia: A Case Study. Journal of Global Information Technology Management, 2(3), 5-24.