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Tom Hirunyawipada

Associate Professor

Full-Time Faculty

School of Business Administration: International Business, Management and Marketing


Email: Tom Hirunyawipada
Phone: 937-229-3721
Miriam Hall 803

Courses Taught

  • MKT 301 - Principles of Marketing
  • MKT 440 - Global Marketing
  • MKT 441 - Marketing Analytics
  • MKT 450 - Buyer Behavior & Market Analysis
  • MBA 639 - Global Marketing


  • University of North Texas, PhD (Marketing)
  • National Institute of Development Administration, MBA (Financial Management)
  • Chiang Mai University, B. Eng. (Environmental Engineering)

Research Interests

  • Corporate sustainability commitment and firm performance
  • Healthcare Service and Pharmaceutical Strategies
  • Marketing strategy
  • New product development

Selected Publications

  • Hirunyawipada, T., Pan, Y. (2020). When Will Going Green Enhance Firm Performance?, Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 28 (3), 226-241
  • Hirunyawipada, T., Xiong, G. (2018). Corporate Environmental Commitment and Financial Performance: Moderating Effects of Marketing and Operations Capabilities. Journal of Business Research, 86 (May), 22-31.
  • Paswan, A. K., Hirunyawipada, T., Iyer, P. (2017). Opportunism, Governance Structure and Relational Norms: An Interactive Perspective. Journal of Business Research, 77(April), 131-139.
  • ​​Durmusoglu, S. S., Hirunyawipada, T., McNally, R. C. (2017). New Product Development Process Implementation in a Business-to-Business Firm: The Driving and Moderating Factors for Improved Program Performance and Time-to-Market. Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, 24(April), 35-56.
  • Hirunyawipada, T., Paswan, A. K., Blankson, C. (2015). Toward the Development of New Product Ideas: Asymmetric Effects of Team Cohesion on New Product Ideation. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 30(7), 855-866.
  • Hirunyawipada, T., Paswan, A. K. (2013). Effects of Team Cognition and Constraint on New Product Ideation. Journal of Business Research, 66(November), 2332-2337.
  • Hirunyawipada, T, Beyerlein, M., Blankson, C. (2010). Cross-Functional Integration as a Knowledge Transformation Mechanism: Implications for New Product Development. Industrial Marketing Management, 39(May), 650-60.
  • Troy, L. C., Hirunyawipada, T., Paswan, A. K. (2008). Cross-Functional Integration and New Product Performance: An Empirical Analysis and Findings. Journal of Marketing, 72(November), 132-146.
  • Hirunyawipada, T., Paswan, A. K. (2006). Perceived Risk and Consumer Innovativeness Hierarchy: An Empirical Study of Resistance to High Technology Product Adoption. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 23(4/5), 182-198.

Editorial Review Board Member

  • Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 2016-present