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Ting Zhang

Professor of Finance

Full-Time Faculty

School of Business Administration: Economics and Finance


Email: Ting Zhang
Phone: 937-229-3428
Curriculum Vitae: Read CV

Courses Taught

  • FIN 360 - Investments
  • FIN 460 - Portfolio Management & Security Analysis
  • FIN 480 - Options and Futures Markets


  • University of Rhode Island, PhD (Finance), 2009
  • University of Northern Iowa, MBA/MAcc
  • Shanghai International Studies University, BA

Research Interests

  • Corporate finance
  • Fixed income
  • Derivatives
  • Empirical asset pricing
  • International finance

Selected Publications

  • An, H., Chen, C., Wu, Q., Zhang, T. Corporate Innovation: Do Diverse Boards Help? To appear in Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.
  • Tao, Q., Li, H., Wu, Q., Zhang, T., Zhu, Y. (2019). The Dark Side of Board Network Centrality: Evidence from Merger Performance. Journal of Business Research, 104, 215-232.
  • Shi, J., Wang, J., Zhang, T. (2017). Are Short Sellers Informed? Evidence from Credit Rating Agency Announcements. Journal of Financial Research, 40(2), 179-221.
  • Li, Z., Lin, B., Zhang, T., Chen, C. (2017). Does Short Selling Improve Stock Price Efficiency and Liquidity? Evidence from a Natural Experiment in China. European Journal of Finance, 15, 1350-1368.
  • Chen, R., Li, Y., Luo, D., Zhang, T. (2017). Helping Hands or Grabbing Hands? An Analysis of Political Connections and Firm Value. Journal of Banking & Finance, 80, 71-89.
  • Chen, C., Huang, S. Zhang, T. (2017). Non-Interest Income, Trading, and Bank Risk. Journal of Financial Services Research, 51(1), 19-53.
  • Hickox, C., Lin, B., Oppenheimer, O., Zhang, T. (2016). How do Analysts React to Shareholder Class Action Lawsuits? Journal of Economics and Business, 85, 29-48.
  • An, H., Chen, Y., Luo, D., Zhang, T. (2016). Political Uncertainty and Corporate Investment: Evidence from China. Journal of Corporate Finance, 36, 174-189 .
  • An, H., Wu, Q., Zhang, T. (2016). REIT Liquidity Management and Institutional Investors. Journal of Real Estate Research, 38(4), 539-568.
  • Liu, J., Tao, Q., Hou, W., Zhang, T.  (2016). Systematic Risk, Government Policy Intervention, and Dynamic Contrarian Investments. International Review of Economics and Finance, 43, 334-343.
  • Chen, S., Lin, B., Lu, R., Zhang, T. (2015). Controlling Shareholders' Incentives and Executive Pay-for-Performance Sensitivity: Evidence from the Split Share Structure Reform in China. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 34, 147-160.
  • Mohan, N., Zhang, T. (2014). An Analysis of Risk-Taking for Defined Benefit Public Pension Plans. Journal of Banking and Finance, 40, 403-419.
  • An, H., Lee, Y., Zhang, T. (2014). Do Corporations Manipulate Earnings to Meet or Beat Analysts' Expectations? Evidence from Pension Plan Assumption Changes. Review of Accounting Studies, 19(2), 698-735.
  • Wang, F., Zhang, T. (2014). Financial Crisis and Credit Crunch in the Housing Market. Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 49, 256-276.
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  • Wang, F., Zhang, T. (2014). The Effect of Unfunded Pension Liabilities on Bond Ratings, Default Probability and Recovery Rate. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 43(4), 781-802.
  • An, H., Zhang, T. (2013). Stock Price Synchronicity, Crash Risk, and Institutional Investors? Journal of Corporate Finance, 21, 1-15.
  • An, H., Huang, Z., Zhang, T. (2013). What Determines Corporate Pension Fund Risk-Taking Strategy? Journal of Banking and Finance, 37(2), 597-613
  • Chen, X., Yu, T., Zhang, T. (2013). What Drives Corporate Pension Plan Contributions: Moral Hazard or Tax Benefits? Financial Analysts Journal, 69(4), 58-72.
  • Lin, B., Lu, R., and Zhang, T. (2012). Tax-Induced Earnings Management in Emerging Markets: Evidence from China. Journal of the American Taxation Association, 34(2), 19-44.
  • Yao, T., Yu, T., Zhang, T., Chen, S. (2011). Asset Growth and Stock Returns: Evidence from Asian Financial Market. Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 19(1), 115-139.
  • Huang, Z., Heian, J., Zhang, T. (2011). Difference of Opinion, Overconfidence, and the High-volume Return Premium. Journal of Financial Research, 34(1), 1-25.

Other Publications

  • Chinese classical poems (shi and ci, in Chinese)