Jamie G Longazel

Contact Information

Jamie G Longazel

Assistant Professor; Research Fellow, Human Rights Center

  • Full-Time Faculty


Jamie Longazel is an Assistant Professor of Sociology. He received his PhD from the University of Delaware in 2011. Prior to arriving at the University of Dayton, he was a Doctoral Fellow at the American Bar Foundation in Chicago, IL. His research comes out of the law & society tradition and focuses specifically on immigration law and politics, crime and inequality, and race relations. His recent publications have focused on sub-national immigration politics – in particular, Hazleton, Pennsylvania’s passage of the Illegal Immigration Relief Act (IIRA).


  • Ph.D. in Sociology, University of Delaware
  • M.A. Sociology, University of Delaware
  • B.A. Criminal Justice, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Research Interests

  • Law and Inequality
  • Immigration Law and Politics
  • Crime and Inequality
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Political Economy
  • Mass Incarceration

Selected Publications


Longazel, JamieUndocumented Fears: Immigration and the Politics of Divide and Conquer in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Temple University Press (2016).

Fleury-Steiner, Benjamin and Longazel, JamieThe Pains of Mass Imprisonment. Routledge (2014).

Undocumented Fears                                                                              Pains of Mass Imprisonment                                                                            

Longazel, Jamie and Maartje van der Woude (symposium editors). "The Negotiated Expansions of Immigration Control." Law & Social Inquiry (2014).


Majka, Theo and Jamie Longazel. “Becoming Welcoming: Organizational Collaboration and Immigrant Integration in Dayton, Ohio” Public Integrity (2017)

Longazel, Jamie, Jake Berman, and Benjamin Fleury-Steiner. “The Pains of Immigrant Imprisonment” Sociology Compass (2016)

Fleury-Steiner, Benjamin, Paul Kaplan, and Jamie Longazel. “Racist Localisms and the Enduring Cultural Life of America's Death Penalty: Lessons from Maricopa County, Arizona." Studies in Law, Politics, and Society (2015).

Longazel, Jamie. "Rhetorical Barriers to Mobilizing for Immigrant Rights: White Innocence and Latina/o Abstraction." Law & Social Inquiry (2014).

Longazel, Jamie and Benjamin Fleury-Steiner. "Beware of Notarios: Neoliberal Governance of Immigrants as Crime Victims." Theoretical Criminology (2013).

Longazel, Jamie. "Moral Panic as Racial Degradation Ceremony: Racial Stratification and the Local-Level Backlash against Latino/a Immigrants." Punishment & Society (2013).

Longazel, Jamie. "Subordinating Myth: Latino/a Immigration, Crime, and Exclusion." Sociology Compass (2013).

Longazel, Jamie, Parker, Laurin S. Parker, and Ivan Y. Sun. "Experiencing Court, Experiencing Race: Perceived Procedural Injustice among Court Users." Race and Justice (2011)

Longazel, Jamie and Benjamin Fleury-Steiner. "Exploiting Borders: The Political Economy of Local Backlash Against Undocumented Immigrants." Chicana/o Latina/o Law Review (2011)

Benjamin Fleury-Steiner and Jamie Longazel. “Neoliberalism, Community Development, and Anti-Immigrant Backlash in Hazleton, Pennsylvania." In Taking Local Control: Immigration Policy Activism in U.S. Cities and States,edited by M. Varsanyi. Stanford University Press (2010)