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Patrick Donnelly

Professor Emeritus

Full-Time Faculty

College of Arts and Sciences: Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work


Email: Patrick Donnelly
Phone: 937-229-2439
Website: Visit Site


  • Ph.D., University of Delaware


Dr. Patrick Donnelly is a Professor of Sociology. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Delaware. He joined the faculty in 1979 and has twice served as chair of the department. He also served the University as Associate Provost for Faculty and Administrative Affairs from 2010 to 2015. Dr. Donnelly's areas of special interest are criminology, law and society, and community.

Faculty Perspective

"U.D. is a wonderful place to work. One where faculty can teach and do research, and one where faculty and students can work together both inside and outside of the classroom."

Research Interests

  • My recent research has focused on crime and violence in urban areas, particularly Dayton. I am currently working with a community-wide collaborative, the Violence Prevention Program, to address various ways of reducing violence.

Selected Publications

"An Evaluation of the Effects of Neighborhood Mobilization on Community Problems," with Charles E. Kimble. Journal of Prevention and Intervention in the Community. In Press, 2005.

"Spots on a Gnat, Good Soldiers, and Sociology Departments: Stan Saxton's Pragmatist Approach to Sociology," with Dan Miller and Fred Pestello. Studies in Symbolic Interaction: A Research Annual, Vol. 21, edited by Norman K. Denzin. Greenwich, CT: JAI Press, 2000. 31-42.

"Residents' Efforts at Neighborhood Stabilization: Facing the Challenges of Inner City Neighborhoods," with Theo Majka. Sociological Forum 13, (2, June, 1998): 189-213.

"Community Organizing, Environmental Change, and Neighborhood Crime," with Charles Kimble. Crime and Delinquency 43, (4, September, 1997):493-511. Abstract

"Change, Cohesion and Commitment in a Diverse Urban Neighborhood," with Theo Majka. Journal of Urban Affairs 18, (3, 1996):269-284.