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Bill Marvin

Principal Lecturer

Full-Time Faculty

College of Arts and Sciences: Philosophy


Email: Bill Marvin
Phone: 937-229-2860
HM 467
Website: Visit Site


  • M.A., University of Dayton


Prof. Marvin's primary focus at UD is in applied ethics. He teaches several sections of business ethics, information ethics and engineering ethics each year. In addition, he teaches for Antioch McGregor's degree completion program. He has had a relatively long and largely happy relationship with the University of Dayton. Philosophy has long been his primary passion. Although economic exigencies have tugged him on occasion away from academia and into the workforce, he has never ceased to read, think and write philosophy.

Faculty perspective

"I enjoy interacting with the students. In addition to this, I really appreciate UD's commitment to social justice. Much of what one learns in school can and does become obsolete over time. Learning to think critically and learning to think from an ethical perspective will always be of value."

Research interests

  • Environmental Ethics
  • Information Ethics
  • Engineering Ethics
  • Business Ethics

Selected presentations and performances


Various seminars for business groups in applied ethics and critical thinking

The annual Seminar in Environmental Ethics at Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee.


Musical performances (harmonica & percussion) and jam sessions, including the annual Yellow Springs, Ohio Blues Festival