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SFC Ildefonso Perez

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Sergeant First Class Ildefonso Perez was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He graduated from Western H.S. in 1999 and enlisted as an Army Infantryman in February of 2001.

After completing Basic Training and Advanced Infantryman's Training, SFC Perez’s first assignment was at Camp Casey, Korea.  He served in B Co. 1-503rd Infantry Regiment as a Mortar Gunner and Assistant Gunner from 2001-2002. While in Korea, he earned his Air Assault Wings and Expert Infantryman’s Badge.

In July of 2002, SFC Perez was assigned to Fort Hood, Texas and was promoted to the rank of SPC after 18 months of Time In Service. He then deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom with the 3-67 Armor Regiment from 2003-2004.  He served as a Squad Leader during the deployment and was promoted to the ranks of CPL and SGT while in theatre.

In August of 2004, SFC Perez attended the Primary Leadership Development Course and graduated on the Commandant’s List. He once again deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom from December of 2005-2006 where he was promoted to the rank of SSG.  SFC Perez served the duration of the deployment on a 29-man Military Transition Team that lived with and trained an Iraqi Army Battalion.

In June of 2007, SFC Perez successfully completed phase 2 of the Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course. In March of 2008, he attended phase 1 of the Course where he graduated on the Commandant’s List. SFC Perez then deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom for a 3rd time from June of 2008-2009 with the 2-12th Cavalry Division. During the deployment, he served 6 months as a Mortar Section Sergeant and 6 months as the Platoon Sergeant of a Mortar/Sniper maneuver Platoon. It was during this deployment that SFC Perez suffered wounds inflicted by the enemy in combat and was awarded the Purple Heart and a Bronze Star Medal for the deployment.

In February of 2010, SFC Perez was assigned to the 3rd Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment in Vilseck, Germany. He then deployed for a 4th combat tour in support of Operation Enduring Freedom from June of 2010-2011. SFC Perez served simultaneous roles during the deployment as the Mortar Platoon Sergeant and as the Commandant for the Strike Legion Academy in the Maiwand Province. SFC Perez was responsible for establishing Basic Training and Advanced Training programs for the Afghanistan Army and Police. Upon redeployment, he attended and successfully completed M-SLC. SFC Perez also earned a Gold Qualification of the German Marksmanship Schützenschnur Badge.

In February of 2013, SFC Perez was assigned to the University of Dayton as an SROTC Instructor. Upon arriving, he attended the Rappel Master Course and Instructor Training Course.  SFC Perez continues to serve at the University as the Operations NCO and as the Military Science 101 Instructor.

SFC Perez’s Awards and Decorations include: BSM (2nd Award), Purple Heart, ARCOM (4th Award), AAM (5th Award), PUCA, VUA (2nd Award), MUC (2nd Award), AGCM (4th Award), NDSM, KSM, ACM, ICM, GWTEM, GWTSM, NOPDR (3rd Award), ASR, OSR (6th Award), NATOMDL, CIB, EIB, Air Assault Badge, and Gold Qualification of the German Marksmanship Schützenschnur Badge. SFC Perez’s Military Education includes: SOCC Instructor Training Course, SLC, EO Leaders Course, ALC, IMLC, WLC, CLS, and Rappel Master.