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Darla Titus

Administrative Support Staff


College of Arts and Sciences: Geology


Email: Darla Titus
Phone: 937-229-3432


Darla Titus is the administrative assistant for the Department of Geology. Prior to coming to Geology, she worked for several years in the Criminal Justice Studies Program. Darla has been married for more than 25 years to her husband, Steve, and they have two daughters, as well as three grandchildren.

Darla was employed by NCR for 22 years, where she worked in various departments and in various positions before coming to UD in October 2001. She enjoys meeting the students and learning the different aspects of the educational environment. Darla feels that everyone at UD is very friendly.

The Staff Perspective

The faculty members in our department really care about the students both professionally and personally and work hard for the students to help them be successful when they graduate. I love interacting and getting to know the students.

I believe that I will learn many new things being here at UD. Going back to school is a goal of mine although I don't know when I'll actually start back. I have taken advantage of the software classes being offered which really refreshes my skills since I haven't done administrative work for a long time. Being a part of the POP organization will help as information is shared to all its members.