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Jeffrey Griffin

Associate Professor

Full-Time Faculty

College of Arts and Sciences: Communication


Email: Jeffrey Griffin
Phone: 937-229-3532


Dr. Jeff Griffin teaches and does research in the areas of mass communication and intercultural communication.  He is interested in media on a global scale, and in particular, how that links to culture.  His research has had two main veins: (1) the globalization of television, particularly the remaking of fictional television programs in countries beyond the country of origin, and (2) the infiltration of English into other languages and cultures through such vehicles as advertising and marketing.  His scholarship has appeared in Journalism Quarterly, English Today, Journal of Popular Film and Television, Newspaper Research Journal, and Mass Communication Review, among other outlets.

Jeff's quality of scholarship was recognized early, even before he completed graduate school.  He won the Markham Prize for top student research paper in international communication at the national conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.  In 1991 he became the first ever two-time winner of this award.  At UD, he has been active in the department's study abroad program, serving as director from 1991-2006.  There he put his international expertise into action, teaching courses in both London and Rome.

Faculty Perspective

I like UD's ever-increasing emphasis of the importance of having an international dimension to one's education.  In general, I find UD to be a dynamic educational environment, and I am glad that many administrators and faculty strive to raise the bar for academic standards and student engagement.

I also find the campus to be very attractive. Every year the campus seems to evolve in a positive way. The attractive campus and good facilities enhance the educational mission.


  • Ph.D., Mass Communication Research, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (1990)
  • M.A., University of Texas at Austin (1983)
  • B.A., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (1979)

Research Interests

  • Global television flow
  • English as a global language

Selected Publications

Griffin, J. (2015). "Turning Japanese: From Sideways to Saidoweizu: An Examination of the Japanese Remake of a Hollywood Film". Film International, 12(4), pp. 84-98.

Griffin, J. (2013). You Say Potato, I Say Tatws: The Terrain of Linguistic Coexistence in Wales. Rice Working Papers in Linguistics, 4th, 1-17.

Griffin, J. (2008). "'Coupling' Crosses the Atlantic: A Case Study in the Format Adaptation of a Fictional Series". The Americanist, 24(2007/2008), 47-67.

Griffin, J. (2008). "The Americanization of The Office:  A comparison of the offbeat NBC sitcom and its British predecessor." Journal of Popular Film and Television, 35(4), 154-163.

Griffin, J. (2005). "The United Kingdom."  In A. Cooper-Chen (Ed.), Global Entertainment Media:  Content, Audiences, Issues (pp. 39-57).  Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Griffin, J. (2004). "The presence of written English on the streets of Rome." English Today (78), 20(2), 3-7, 46.

Griffin, J. (2001). "Global English infiltrates Bulgaria." English Today (68), 17(4), 54-60.

Griffin, J., Bartz, M. O., Dumrongsiri, N., Johnson, H. R., Leong, E. M., Mehalic, L. L., Oaks, D. J., & Pornsakulvanich, V.  (2001).  "The impact of World Wide Web use on foreign country knowledge and orientation." Mass Communication Review 24(1-2), 125-131.