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Judit K. Beagle

Assistant Professor

Full-Time Faculty

College of Arts and Sciences: Chemistry


Email: Judit K. Beagle
Phone: 937-229-2822
Curriculum Vitae: Read CV


  • Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, 201, University of Florida
  • M.S., Organic Chemistry, 2010, University of Florida
  • MSc, Chemistry, 2007, Eotvos Lorand University of Science, Budapest, Hungary


Dr. Judit Beagle, originally from Hungary, has a long passion for chemistry. She has gained an interest in organic chemistry early by shadowing her father and subsequently followed in his footsteps as a chemist. After earning her Master’s in chemistry with the focus on pharmaceuticals, she moved to Florida and joined Prof. Alan R. Katritzky’s research group, where she earned a Ph.D in chemistry followed by a postdoctoral appointment at the University of Georgia in heterocyclic chemistry. Dr. Beagle then joined the faculty at the University of Dayton in 2014 where she continues her pursuits in scholarship and research in organic chemistry.

Dr. Beagle worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 5 years, where she gained a unique insight of the process of drug discovery and development. After returning to academia, her research interest focused not simply on the synthesis of biologically active compounds but their synthetic methodology. This interest in methodology lead to investigations in developing new methods whereby reactions can be carried out in aqueous media. This then leads to methodological greening of the process of synthesis by the reduction and use of expensive and less environmentally friendly organic solvents. She is also interested in the synthesis of new organic materials which lead to the elimination of transition metal contamination from reaction mixtures and material which can filter large metal ions in environmental samples.

Faculty Perspective

My goal is to share my passion for chemistry with the students at the University of Dayton through teaching and research. My background gives me a unique perspective which can prepare the students for their career whether staying in academic research, attending professional schools or entering to industrial careers.

Courses Taught

  • CHM 123: General Chemistry
  • CHM 313 & 314: Organic Chemistry
  • CHM 319L: Advanced Organic Synthesis

Research Interests

  • Green chemistry – developing reactions in aqueous media
  • Organic synthesis – novel materials for a wide variety of applications
  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Natural product synthesis

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

Beagle, J. K. (2015) "Benzotriazole-mediated Synthesis of Nitrogen-containing Heterocycles". (Invited Review) In: Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry, Monbaliu, J. C.; Ed. Springer, Germany doi:10.1007/7081_2015_178

Original Articles

Bol’shakov, O.; Kovacs, J.; Chahar, M.; Ha, K.; Khelashvili, L.; Katritzky, A. R. (2012) "S- to N-Acyl Transfers in S-Acylcysteine iso-Peptides via 9-, 10-, 12- and 13-membered Cyclic Transition States". Journal of Peptide Science, Vol 18, 704-709, doi:10.1002/psc.2438

Monbaliu, J. C. M.; Beagle, L. K.; Kovacs, J.; Zeller, M.; Stevens, C. V.; Katritzky, A. R. (2012). "En route towards α-benzotriazoyl nitroso derivatives". RSC Advences, Vol 2, 8941-8945, doi:10.1039/C2RA21311G

Katritzky, A., R., Khelashvili, L., Kovacs, J., Shanab, K. (2009). "Dye Labeling of Nucleosides". Chemical Biology & Drug Design, Vol 73, 396-402, doi:10.1111/j.1747-0285.2009.00792.x

Katritzky, A., R., Munawar, M., A., Kovacs, J., Khelashvili, L. (2009). "Synthesis of Amino Acid Derivatives of Quinolone Antibiotics". Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, Vol 7, 2359-2362, doi:10.1039/B900762H