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Arianna Pearson

Student Ambassador


Email: Arianna Pearson

Graduation year

  • 2023


  • Sport Management


  • Pre-law
  • Business Administration


  • Macedonia, Ohio

What do you love most about UD?

The opportunities for growth and development are what I love most about UD. UD offers various programs that allow students to grow and develop their faith life, academic life, career goals, personal goals, etc. Students and faculty genuinely do their best to help each other reach their goals and maximize their potential. This allows us to not only grow as individuals, but to grow as a unit, as well.

Favorite class at UD and why?

EDC 402. This class is focused on self-awareness, leadership, group interactions and growth. It is a discussion-based course that allows students to hear the various opinions and perspectives of others while also helping students to discover their strengths and weaknesses in academics, communication, etc. This class encourages students to take the time to self-reflect and discover things about themselves they may not have otherwise taken the time to do.

What clubs/organizations are you involved in at UD?

  • Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity
  • HRL Student-Staff (R.A.)
  • Black Action Through Unity
  • Multi-cultural Ethnic Education and Engagement Center
  • Program to Engage and Exchange Resources for Students
  • National Society for Leadership and Success
  • University of Dayton Campus Recreation

Why did you choose UD?

I chose UD because it seemed like the best fit for me. It was far enough from home that I felt like I could be independent but close enough that I could make visits home periodically. The school is larger than a small school but not so large that I wouldn't feel overwhelmed. By the end of my campus tour, I could envision UD being my home for the next four years.

Is there anything else about your UD experience you think prospective students and their families should know?

UD offers a discovery program that allows students who are unsure what they want to major in the opportunity to discover their career interests while deciding on a major all without falling behind on credits.

What do you like most about your major?

The Sport Management major teaches management principles with a focus in the sport industry. It gives students various career options in Business Management and in sport. Sport Management grants students the best of both worlds by giving those students who are unsure about their specific career path a wide range of career options, while still teaching students specific skills necessary for future employment.

What piece of your academic journey has you most prepared to begin a career after graduation?

My internship has prepared me to begin a career after graduation, as it gave me the opportunity to experience what it's like to work out in the real world while also giving me the chance to discover what skills I excel at and what skills need improvement.