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Liliana Busic

Student Ambassador


Email: Liliana Busic

Graduation year

  • 2023


  • Human Rights Studies


  • Cleveland, Ohio

What do you love most about UD?

The University of Dayton is a very welcoming and warm campus.

Have you ever participated in faculty-mentored research? If so, what did you learn from that experience?

I am currently a research assistant for Dr. Natalie Hudson. She is working on a book with Dr. Alexandra Budabin focused on conflict-related sexual violence in the D.R. Congo and Darfur, South Sudan, focusing on transnational advocacy, how it was externally perceived and addressed by the U.N. and even celebrities. I began researching with them in the fall of 2021.

Favorite class at UD and why?

Latin American Art History with Professor Huacuja. She is such a passionate professor, and it was lovely learning about art that has been typically excluded in the regular art history curriculum.

What clubs/organizations are you involved in at UD?

  • Muslim Student Association

Why did you choose UD?

I chose UD because it offered an amazing Human Rights program and it really is a community.

Is there anything else about your UD experience you think prospective students and their families should know?

Due to the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, I spent last year in Cleveland to work and complete my school work remotely as a full-time student. I was really gracious that the University of Dayton gave students the opportunity to continue school in-person or remotely.

What do you like most about your major?

How passionate my professors are (specifically Dr. Natalie Hudson, the director of the Human Rights Program) and the students are. My major includes a complex combination of what has happened in the past that unfolded into where we are today, current events of present Human Rights issues/violations, and looking to the future of Human Rights advocacy in peacemaking, prevention and protection.

What piece of your academic journey has you most prepared to begin a career after graduation?

During the Spring semester of 2021, my human rights course at the time had us collaborate with different organizations. Some groups worked with a more established and global organization while my group got the opportunity to work with a female-founded Rwandan nonprofit. The organization helps Rwandan women with disabilities through reproductive health education, job training and empowerment. I really loved the collaborative work I did with Miss Able Humura on the side of social media and marketing to boost public consciousness of this organization. This gave me experience of working with a startup nonprofit organization in real time which put my knowledge to practice.