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Mike Puckett

Assistant Director of Space Management and Design, IACT


Academic Affairs and Learning Initiatives: IACT


Email: Mike Puckett
Phone: 937-229-5107
The Hub 136
Website: Visit Site


Mike Puckett is the Place and Space Coordinator for IACT at the University of Dayton. Mike designs and manages the creative areas on campus that include the GEM at the Hub (part of the Dayton Arcade) where people can work, learn, and relax with a sense of mindfulness. Mike strives to make spaces come alive with a focus on function, aesthetic and inspiration to provide everyone with places to think critically, solve complex problems, and work collaboratively.

What is your working style? What is it like to work with you?

“I’m a very laid-back individual. I like adding a sense of calmness to chaotic environments. I like to think that I can look at things from a different angle and a different perspective – take a more thoughtful approach and understand the reasons why and how. I always try to understand the person before trying to understand the situation they’re in.”

What three things would be in your starter pack?

“A Bible, breakfast (probably some sort of egg and cheese burrito), and probably my comfy shoes.”

What is your personal mission statement?

This may not be as much of a statement as much as it’s just my train of thought as it relates to a personal being:

“Following my faith in such a way that it causes others to be curious and wonder about it. That’s really what lends itself to a successful measure of life.”

Photo and profile interview by Joe Schlangen ‘20


B.A., Fine Arts, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona