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Willie Morris IV

Assistant Director of Education Engagement, IACT


Academic Affairs and Learning Initiatives: IACT


Email: Willie Morris IV
Phone: 937-229-5105
Roesch Library 401
Website: Visit Site


Willie Morris (‘13) is the engagement coordinator for IACT at the University of Dayton, training students in the creative competencies that today’s job market demands — critical thinking, complex problem solving and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Although he has only worked at IACT since late 2019, he saw the seeds of IACT being planted by Brian LaDuca (Executive Director) and Adrienne Ausdenmoore (Director) while living at the ArtStreet complex in 2013. 


What three things would be in your starter pack?

AirPods, my phone, and a basketball.


What is your working style? What is it like to work with you?

“I’m very sociable at work. I like to talk. When it comes to longer projects, if I have one big thing due for the day, I’ll be super zoned in. I’ll put my headphones on, and you’ll never hear from me. If it’s a bunch of little things, I’ll take care of two, three, or four, and then go talk to somebody. Take a walk. Do it again.”


What drives your career?

“One of the things that drives my career is that I really care about the city of Dayton, its wellbeing and future, and the people that live here. One of the things that drew me to IACT was its involvement in the community. Everything we’re doing is based around community issues. Last year, they did the epidemic of heroin, which is a big Dayton issue right now.

IACT has the GEM rooted in the Dayton Arcade, which is a great opportunity to work downtown with people from around the community.

My drive is just to help my city, and help us become what we can be.”


Photo and profile interview by Joe Schlangen ‘20


B.M., Music Education, University of Dayton